What Happened To My Finger?


A myriad of flying creatures feasted on fennel this morning.

Hoverflies on fennel

This splendid hoverfly dwarfed its relative just above. Perhaps unusual in the insect world this harmless creature’s scary camouflage serves the purpose of drawing attention in order to instil fear. It has a long, slender, tongue which it inserts into each little yellow ball.

Mum, Dad, Gwen Joe, Derrick, Matthew

Later, I received this print from Frances. It is from hers and Chris’s wedding album from 1st August 1970 at Windsor. From left to right we have Dad, Auntie Gwen, Joseph, Mum, and Matthew, on my lap. I appear to have an injured finger on my right hand. Although Alan Warren did break that very same digit some years later, I’ve no idea what was wrong at this time.

Giles and Jean came to lunch. Jackie laid on a splendid spread. Starting with her watercress soup with crusty bread, we progressed to pork pie, cold meats, and salads. Cream cakes were to follow, with cheeses and grapes after that. We all drank Stajerska Slovenia dry white wine, 2014. We then spent a very pleasant couple of hours conversing in the garden.

I watched the Team GB v. South Africa semi-final of the Olympics rugby sevens this evening, after which another bowl of soup sufficed for our meal.


  1. I love the photo of the insects on the fennel, Derrick.
    The other photo from the wedding album is also a great shop–a moment in time. It’s funny that you noticed your injured finger, but now don’t remember what had happened to it.

    It sounds like a splendid lunch!

  2. It’s easy to see young Matthew in your younger self. Goodness. As for insects, I heard about something called a tarantula hawk today. I must look it up. Blue bodies and yellow wings…

  3. Wow! This is awesome, Derrick. I did not know that this insect has a long, slender, tongue.
    I love the B&W memories.
    xoxo <3

  4. It’s always nice to see old family snaps. I wonder what happened to your finger. I guess if you no longer remember, it must have been something fairly minor (thank goodness!).

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