Decidedly Not Smart

A number of terra cotta and yellow kniphofias have self-seeded at various places in the garden and have recently chosen to bloom rather late. These are in the Kitchen Bed, accompanied by hibiscus, petunias, Japanese anemones and fennel. This begonia and the pelargonium are recovering from near death with the benefit of Jackie’s tender care.Continue reading “Decidedly Not Smart”

A Walk Round The Garden

The sun emerged quite late today. After I had opened the gate for Aaron. These are a few shots I took on the way there and back. As usual accessing these two galleries with clicks will access titles. Much of the rest of the day was spent listening to the Ashes Test Match. This eveningContinue reading “A Walk Round The Garden”

Doing The Hokey Cokey

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED We continued with the garden clearing after the storm today. It was so hot that it was a case of ‘In, Out, In, Out’ from the cooler indoors to the stifling outside as we continued with the tasks begun yesterday. Hopefully, we are back to normal now. Here is aContinue reading “Doing The Hokey Cokey”

What Happened To My Finger?

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT AS REQUIRED. A myriad of flying creatures feasted on fennel this morning. This splendid hoverfly dwarfed its relative just above. Perhaps unusual in the insect world this harmless creature’s scary camouflage serves the purpose of drawing attention in order to instil fear. It has a long, slender, tongue which it inserts intoContinue reading “What Happened To My Finger?”

Up Close And Personal

On a largely overcast and humid morning I took an amble down to Roger’s footpath and back. Parsley and fennel are now flowering in the bed opposite the kitchen window. White nicotiana spreads its scent across the patio. The Absolutely Fabulous rose now bears numerous fresh flowers. Violas suspended from the entrance arch to theContinue reading “Up Close And Personal”

Then There Was One

I don’t always remember to take my painkillers. All they do anyway is reduce the acute pain in my knee. It doesn’t take long, however for me to realise my omission. So it was this afternoon when Jackie drove us to New Milton to catch up on some banking. On the way back we stoppedContinue reading “Then There Was One”