From Ice Cream To Bread And Butter


Today was dull and heavy with the promise of rain that never came to relieve the oppression.

I took a trip back to the summer of 1985 through the medium of colour slides which IΒ scanned.

Louisa ice cream 1985 1

Here Louisa tackles an ice cream in the garden of our Gracedale Road home.

Louisa ice cream 1985 2

This has featured before, but it was then taken from a print. It is sometimes difficult to get the melting treat all in the the mouth,

Louisa ice cream 1985 3

but is definitely worth trying.

(Who would have thought I would one day be scanning these into an Apple?)

Sam ice cream 1985 2

Sometimes it’s a race against time before it runs down into your sleeve,

Sam ice cream 1985 1

and you are left wondering where it’s all gone.

Soon after these photographs were taken, Jessica and I travelled with the children to Instow, near Bideford in Devon, for one of the holidays we enjoyed with the Henry Pearson family in those days.

Sam and Louisa, Instow 1985 3

This time Sam enjoys bread and butter,

Sam and Loiusa Instow 1985 2

Sam and Louisa Instow 1985 1

and clambers over a stout, cemented, stone wall in the garden of our borrowed house.

This evening we dined on meaty beef burgers, lashings of onions, chips, and baked beans, followed by chocolate sponge pudding with caramel sauce. I drank Doom Bar and Jackie drank fruit juice.

Published by derrickjknight

I am a septuagenarian enjoying rambling physically and photographing what I see, and rambling in my head as memories are triggered. I also ramble through a lifetime's photographs

53 thoughts on “From Ice Cream To Bread And Butter

  1. Oh my…these are wonderful photos, Derrick! I love the ice cream shots, but there’s something so innocent that you captured in the photos of the children climbing the stone wall.

  2. I like that the ice cream is even in her hair. Sweet indeed. And the stone wall pictures have an atmosphere that’s both immediate and nostalgic. Not sure how to write it.

  3. The kids look like they are climbing into the Secret Garden. The photographs of Louisa with the ice cream cone are a testimony to the joy of childhood. She has ice cream everywhere; but doesn’t give a darn.

  4. Derrick, the ice cream pictures are adorable! I love your little quip about the “apple”! I was looking at some pictures recently of my nephews when they were little. One of them was over with his new son. It is so great to go back in time isn’t it!

  5. Sweet family memories!
    We used to buy ice cream cones every night during our summer vacations at the beach, and every night our younger daughter was covered in ice cream. πŸ™‚

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