A Little Short Of Perfection


After three days of cloud and rain, this one was hot and humid. Too much so for making a start on restoring our plants to their best condition.

Heuchera and crocosmia leaves

The sun did, however, cast friendly light upon such as these heucheras and leaves of barren crocosmias.


Those crocosmias my not have bloomed this year, but many have.


During last week’s storms the container of our aptly named Tumbler tomatoes was blown down, smashing another underneath. It has recovered reasonably well.

Hydrangea 1Hydrangea 2

The hydrangeas have probably fared best in the wet weather.

Mamma Mia rose

Roses such as Mamma Mia

Special Anniversary rose

and Special Anniversary have become rather spotty.

New Guinea impatiens

The New Guinea impatiens plants have thrived,

Florence sculpture and cosmoses

as have various cosmoses, like those adorning Florence.

Canna lily

Canna lilies stand proud in the Palm Bed.


Various delicate penstemons, like this one with a lodger, also remain upright,


while the stems of this unusual antique pink foxglove has stooped a little.

Clematis Marie Boisselot

The clematis Marie Boisselot still climbs her obelisk.

The begonias and geraniums are doing well, but we have a lot of dead heading to catch up on.

BegoniaAs will be seen the garden is currently a little short of perfection.

This evening we dined on pork and apple sausages with strips of pork belly, fried mushrooms and onions, crisp cabbage and carrots, and mashed potatoes. I drank Meszaros Pal Kekfrankos 2013, while Jackie chose fruit jiuce.


  1. Beautiful as always.. I loved the tomatoes and the roses.. and I feel delighted towards them end when you announce the dinner… nothing could be.more divine…

  2. Florence stands out with her statuesque form. 🙂 I enjoyed the roses and think your garden is very far above average, Derrick. Quite lovely, I feel.

  3. I loved the mamma mia rose. The close-ups are breathtaking in the way they set crisply the flowers and leaves against the background. Actually perfect. I loved the hydrangea too, so beautiful. What a delightful post to wake up to!

  4. I find imperfection more appealing than perfection. if I may My neighbor across the street has a perfect garden and it’s rather boring. I wish there would be one dandelion in the spotless green grass, or maybe one glover….something wild and fresh. I love your garden.

  5. It’s strange in Nature, where everything usually searches for balance – some plants love the torrential rains and others die from it.

  6. All looks perfect Derrick.. Such wonderful colours still bloom, and yes its been a great year for Hydrangeas and my Cosmos has been in excellent health. Sorry to hear your tomatoes took a battering.. The wind when it came played havoc with our hanging baskets of flowers.. The tomatoes which we were growing outdoors in the allotment all fell pray to blight and turned black.. Thankfully the greenhouse ones are fine. 🙂 Your cherry ones seem to have recovered well as you said from their beating..

    We were potato digging today.. Phew was it humid and hot.. We went early but there is just no air today..
    Love to you Sue <3

  7. Agreed with some of the previous comments. Perfection is indeed over-rated. I’ll go even one step further—it is pretty much the enemy of everything.

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