Boating and Fishing


On another low key day Jackie drove me to Lymington to collect my laptop, the battery of which had needed replacing.

Later I scanned the last of the colour negatives of the French holiday taken towards the end of 1985.

Matthew,Sam and Louisa 1985 1

In the evenings Matthew, Sam, and Louisa liked to sit and contemplate the pool;

Jessica 1985

Jessica kept an eye on proceedings.

MatthewandSam 1985 1

One day Matthew, starting with Sam, took family members in different combinations on a paddle boat trip on a local lake.

Matthew, Sam and Louisa 3

Louisa joined in, as did Becky, whose trailing arm is visible here;

Louisa, Becky, Jessica, Sam, and Matthew 1985 res. 2400Matthew, Sam, Jessica and Becky1985

and, later, Jessica.

Matthew 1985 res 1200

Back at the gite Matthew, with an improvised rod and line, went fishing,

Becky and Sam 1985Sam 1 res 1200Sam 2 res 1200

and introduce Sam to the pastime. The little chap made his own rod.

Sam and Louisa 1985 1

Before bed, Sam and Louisa made an exciting den with kitchen furniture. The scabby knees still look impressive.

This evening Jackie produced an excellent meal of Chicken fillets marinaded in sweet chilli and mango, on a bed on vegetable rice. The vegetable included onion, mushrooms, peas, beans, sweet corn, and carrots. The Culinary Queen drank Hoegaarden and I finished the Barbera d’Asti.

Despite repeated attempts, intermittent loss of connection has made it impossible to load most of today’s pictures. I am giving up and going to bed, hoping that there will be some improvement in the morning.

October 8th. All pictures are now inserted


  1. I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing technical difficulties, Derrick. Thank you for trying…I enjoyed the photos you were able to upload. It looks like the kids had fun on the paddle boat.

  2. Those are great photos, Derrick; you make us believe that your life is one big holiday 🙂
    I hope that your health and that of your computer connection will be well before long. Meanwhile, at least you are eating well. That must mean that at least Jackie is in good form. Like. 🙂

  3. For those of us familiar with the main characters of the play, your narrative gave us the opportunity to imagine what the photos might be like. That’s always fun, too!

  4. I hate technical problems with the laptop! I like the pictures you were able to get on the post, though! I hope you can get the rest up soon. It sure sounds like you guys eat really well! I bet my husband and I would have a grand time at your house! 🙂

  5. Oh dear – how the internet connection going awry can frustrate our plans! Between that and computers and viruses and batteries and heavens knows what else it’s a wonder any of us are sane!! Hope you had a good sleep any how!!

  6. Hurrah, Derrick! Quite a wonderful collection of photos.
    Such a unique combination of family members and Captain Matthew at the helm of the adventures! 🙂
    Louisa is a really strong girl who doesn’t hold back on trying stuff, as evidence by those scraped up knees. My grandfather used to call my Mom’s childhood character as “scrappy.” I was a little less reckless and too less risks.
    Sam as a fisherman made me smile! 🙂

    1. When Louisa was 5, I returned home to find the front door window smashed and no-one at home. She had run into it and cut open the back of her leg. She bears the scar still, fortunately behind the knee. Thanks very much, Robin

  7. All the photos show such a lovely slice of life. And the one of the kids making a Den brought back such lovely memories

  8. Since you had your battery replaced……some of the default settings of your laptop could have gotten erased. The service centre guys often come up with stories about how a part of your laptop has gone bad and needs a replacement….. and charges extra. So before going for some hardware replacement…..get someone to check your laptop settings.

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