A Dog To Befriend

CLICK ON SMALLER, CLUSTERED, IMAGES TO ACCESS ENLARGED GALLERIES WHICH CAN BE FURTHER ENHANCED. Today I scanned more of the black and white negatives from the French holiday of 1985. Whilst we were in the woods featured yesterday, Matthew helped Sam make himself a den. We then explored the pastoral landscape, taking time out for MatContinue reading “A Dog To Befriend”

Boating and Fishing

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. On another low key day Jackie drove me to Lymington to collect my laptop, the battery of which had needed replacing. Later I scanned the last of the colour negatives of the French holiday taken towards the end of 1985. In the evenings Matthew, Sam, and LouisaContinue reading “Boating and Fishing”

The Kiss

Today I invite you to take the perimeter walk with me. When I did this three days ago, I undertook to repeat it in a photo shoot. This is it: At first the path looks wide and safe enough. The house can be seen through the occasional gap in the fence on our left. ToContinue reading “The Kiss”

Norman’s Parrot

This morning, after very early delivery of my NatWest Your Points vouchers, Jackie drove us to Curry/PC World in Christchurch where I bought a new laptop and collected my older cleaned-up one. This time I have a Hewlett Packard Pavilion. Never having used Air Miles or Your Points before, I was rather amazed to learn thatContinue reading “Norman’s Parrot”

Cheers, Errol

Louisa, Errol, Jessica and Imogen and I made an early start as Errol drove us to Ocknell camping and caravan site near Fritham, so they could investigate the facilities. They have bought a tent and intend to start camping.  We went out along Roger Penney Way, where I thought we might see donkeys, cattle, and evenContinue reading “Cheers, Errol”