I spent much of the day wrestling with the problem of uploading the photographs to yesterday’s post. There were still eight more to do by the time I went to bed.

I was constantly running out of time for the process, and receiving the message that the connection was lost. This is not particularly unusual, but the internet connection was not down. After many attempts with only three successes, instead of just having another go, I sat back and did some lateral thinking.

The lost connection, it seemed to me, may be between WordPress and my computer. It was as if I were being timed out.

Customarily I scan at a rather high resolution so that, if I wished, I could make large prints without pixellation, and similarly readers could enlarge images if required. This, as usual, on this occasion was 3200. Reducing it should reduce the time, so I tried 600. This loaded very quickly but did not permit much enlargement by readers. 2400 was partially successful, in that it was hit and miss as to whether I ran out of time. Eventually, I settled on 1200. It remains to be seen whether that will work with large prints, but at least readers can produce a decent enlargement.

Matthew 1985 res 1200

Here is a token picture from those to be found on the now complete version of

Could this problem have anything to do with uploading Siri yesterday, I wonder? This seems to be a disembodied voice which invites a question from me. It frightens the bejabers out of me.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s choice chilli con carne with scrumptious savoury rice. She drank a mix of Hoegaarden and Bavaria, and I drank Reserve des Tuguets Madiran 2012.


  1. I enjoyed seeing the photos, now that you were able to present them. It seems a universal thing that children do… make their own den, fort, impromptu cabin like that. I remember often using a blanket over the top of a table to barricade and privatize ours….
    Your question about uploading Siri has set me thinking. I’ve heard that she does tend to act like she knows what you need, better than you yourself do. They say she’s witty, but why do I suspect her wit wouldn’t exactly be my cup of tea? I believe I was made to learn to stop giving stark vocal commands at around the age of three; I would probably say “Please, Siri,” or “I hope you don’t mind, Siri..” and screw up the works.
    At any rate, though I was recently offered her services, I decided not to engage her. I don’t yet need a robotic minion to serve in place of my own writing hands, voice and thoughts.

    1. It seems, according to Rusty Duck, that I got my (male) Siri as part of Sierra, the new system. Thanks, Cynthia. I have no intention of engaging with him.

  2. I think this enlargement is adequate, Derrick but you may find it easier to load pictures into the gallery before writing the post instead of writing and loading at the same time?

  3. I transfer my images to another ‘blog’ file in the computer before importing them on WP, where they are scaled down usually to 640/480. That is usually fine for internet purposes.

  4. Big Brother is coming. It seems that Sierra (or whatever the latest mac OS is called) is able to download itself, or at least that is what Mike discovered when he left his laptop unattended for a space of time. It may or may not include Siri. Thanks for the tip off. I shall now not going racing in when I hear the voice of another woman in his study.

  5. Sorry you’re stilling having some technical difficulties. That is always so frustrating!
    I just went back to look at the photos though, and they look great. It’s such a wonderful record on the day.

  6. I am definitely not technically “savvy,” but do appreciate the efforts, as mentioned by Jill. I second hers!
    I believe your photos always seen of high quality and resolution, Derrick. I will check out the link. . . 🙂

  7. Not sure if they’re still available online, but BBC Radio 4’s “The Now Show” had a great time spoofing Siri when it first launched. [Deliberately annoying] catchphrase: “This is your reminder to call the vets”.

  8. Not that I wish further technical difficulties on your equipment, but the non-conformist in me would want to ask Siri if he/she is aware hs/she is a disembodied voice and not a real person.

  9. I’ve been through periods of this sort of problem and to be honest, I think it is a WordPress problem. It usually occurs when one (or more) fellow blogger has problems. I also think that some some WordPress templates are more problematic that others.

      1. Can I challenge you to speak to Apple in a Siri voice? I wonder what the help-line operator would make of being called by their virtual helpmate. Please post a sound-file, if you’re this mischievous…

  10. The photo you did include is a beauty. Love that fishing pole. Even though I did that as a kid too, it’s still a fascinating idea that you can catch a fish with a stick and a line and a hook. No fancy technology needed.
    Also: I can’t stand Siri! I think she is responsible for some of the phone meltdowns I’ve had. I can’t stand her randomly asking me to ask questions. The only question I have is: how do I make Siri go away forever? Each time I get a software update, she’s back.

  11. I having problem since the last wp app update. That one is no good. The app crash all the time. So maybe it’s a wp thing again.

  12. Your computer monitor shows images at a web resolution of 72 dpi, so there is no point at all in uploading heavier images. It takes time, but I resize all my blog images to 72 dpi – it makes them easier to open for every computer user. No annoying loading for those with the older PCs. Sure a full screen photographs look impressive, but the quality is the same old 72 dpi. Uploading huge images is very characteristic to professional photographers’ blogs who want to impress with the size 🙂 Well, it does work sometimes 🙂

  13. It’s very frustrating when you encounter the computer, internet, … problems. After I replaced my 9 years old iMac with the Lenovo last year, I have not run into any problem.

  14. I don’t have Siri, but what I do know is that there is only a limited amount of space in the media library and it might be that you’re running out of it. (I presume as your blog is a dot com that you’ve got the upgrade, but even with that – with the size of pics you’re putting into it, one day you’ll run out of space. Maybe it’s that?

    1. Thanks, Val. I have checked that, and it will no doubt come to me one day. The problem does seem to be the Mac which we now think needs a new hard drive. It’s being taken to hospital for replacement surgery this morning

      1. Oh I’m sorry, I missed the iMac, I thought its your laptop lol…..but you can check your network settings from the iMac as well… helped me when I had faced a similar problem 🙂

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