In The Blink Of An Eye

Five minutes before sunrise was due today I shot these two images. Three minutes later, as in the blink of an eye, a grey film slid over the celestial orb above. Unlike this secretary bird, our rheumy skies remained lidded all day. We visited Ann at Kitchen Makers to select colours for the woodwork inContinue reading “In The Blink Of An Eye”

Paddington Basin Development

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED I enjoyed another thrilling day wrestling with technology. After a few hours last night the iMac update ground to a halt. First thing this morning I phoned Apple again and got started once more. Today the process continued for a little longer, but again took an unwelcomeContinue reading “Paddington Basin Development”

Everlasting Sweet Peas?

James Peacock brought back the cured iMac and checked everything was all plugged in and  working well. He also worked out the CR2 format problem. This was because the camera was set to film in RAW mode, and CR2 is the format for that. I had not noticed it before because the Mac automatically convertsContinue reading “Everlasting Sweet Peas?”


Progress on the computer front has ground to a halt. Yesterday’s senior advisor had undertaken to telephone me to enquire about my reloading of Sierra. He phoned just before lunch. When I told him I had managed to load one picture, very slowly, he decided I should insert an external hard drive onto which theContinue reading “Stymied”

Revealing The Ancestors

We have a stairway the walls of which we are reserving for photographs of those we call the ancestors. A start was made with the Norwood School for the Sons of Gentlemen featured in ‘One For Rebekah’. Beside that print hangs a wedding photograph from Jackie’s family. From the clothes worn by the group of family andContinue reading “Revealing The Ancestors”

Is This Orlaigh? 2

After I had walked down to the postbox and back, the rain set in for the day. I amused myself scanning more of my loose negatives, viz. fifteen from the summer of 1982. That year water pistols were all the rage, and Sam was delighted to be introduced to them by Matthew and Becky inContinue reading “Is This Orlaigh? 2”

On A Mission 2

This morning I began the nightmare that is the administration attached to moving house. Most organisations prefer you to make the necessary arrangements on line, but I am of the generation that prefers to deal with real people. This is actually possible, but first of all you have to deal with a machine, You mayContinue reading “On A Mission 2”

Technical Frustrations

Last night the internet reception was hit and miss, which is one reason why my post was shorter than usual (I’ve just lost it again). I was also knackered, but mostly I wanted Orlaith’s photograph to stand alone. This morning, taking advantage of what I thought was a lull in a night of rain, IContinue reading “Technical Frustrations”

The Swinging Sixties

This morning I began reading Jacques Suffel’s preface to Gustave Flaubert’s timeless novel ‘Madame Bovary’. This introduction seems to be doing a good job of putting the work into historical and social context. Hopefully, having read an English translation should help me with this original version. This was another day of steady rain, so I decided toContinue reading “The Swinging Sixties”

Hook Tandoori

When I began taking digital photographs specifically for this blog I did not know how to give a picture a title and a location.  Now I have more than 2000 images stored in my iMac.  I have learned how to label the photographs appropriately, but have not backtracked to the beginning.  There is a wonderfulContinue reading “Hook Tandoori”