Pig On The Road


Hoping for the cloud to clear we drove out to the north of the forest late this afternoon.

pony and rider

Between Sway and Brockenhurst a woman rode a New Forest pony. This can only be managed after skillful ‘backing’ or breaking in.

Her steed carried her past a gathering of diminutive  Shetland or ‘Thelwell’ ponies, ignoring both me and the hair in their eyes as they foraged away.

Along Roger Penny Way we learned that pannage continues, as pigs scampered speedily along the verges

and across the road, snouts searching out mast.


Further along, a group of normal sized ponies grazed on a golf green, as a player prepared his putt. By the time Jackie had parked and I had walked back, a pair of brandished clubs had shooed off the interlopers who satisfied themselves with the roadside where they blended with the golden brown bracken.


We enjoyed dramatic skies across the moors. Blue skies peeped out from lighter clouds, and beams of sunlight pierced the darker ones.

Cattle led by farmer

At Godshill a farmer, carrying a bucket, led his little herd of cattle along the roadside;

Cow running

a deep bellowing emanated from one straggler who broke into a surprisingly spritely sprint, lest it might miss out on whatever was in the container;

Cow and calf

and a cow and calf had managed to find themselves on the wrong side of the road.

By the time we reached Abbots Well the landscape, and the cattle therein, basked in warm late sunlight;


the skies on our return home added gold and magenta hues to the darkening slate.

This evening we dined on salmon and smoked haddock fish pie studded with prawns; crunchy carrots and broccoli; and fried leeks and spinach. We both drank Louis de Camponac sauvignon blanc 2015.





  1. Such wonderful images – the shetlands are certainly vintage Thelwell but the pigs have it for me. I can think of no finer way to be held up than by pigs a-rootling. You have made me very happy 🐷

      1. I seem to have been peppering peoples spam boxes this week …. I don’t know why it happens – another blogger told me that it is when one makes a lot of comments which I find frustrating as the whole point of blogging is to connect and I prefer to do a little more than hit like if I have something encouraging or worthwhile to say (or at least if I think I do!)

  2. We only see animals (cattle) grazing on ‘long paddocks’ (verges) in the country, usually during a drought on their stations. How fortunate your pigs and ponies. Some of your views deserve a panoramic lens, I think.

    1. “Oh, don’t, Mary” exclaimed Jackie, when she read this. I replied that she had a nerve, because that is exactly what she said yesterday. I think she’d forgotten because she was afraid of more clutter in the sitting room. Thanks a lot

  3. I was happy to see that you and Jackie didn’t dine on pork tonight. 🙂 Great title…I cracked up! I guess you never know what you’ll encounter on the road. Beautiful shot of the moors, Derrick.

  4. You take great livestock photos. My wife was momentarily alarmed when I yelled “Oh no!” at seeing the pig crossing the road. 🙂

  5. I pine to visit the moors which featured so prominently in Victorian era writing, especially Wuthering Heights and you can just wander off on a day excursion and find moody skies over a moor. I’d also like to own a Shetland Pony but I don’t think my dog or my husband would like one in the house. Your New Forest animals posts are my favourites!

    1. Many thanks, Susanne. Two years ago I could still stride across, up, and down, the moors. Now my knees are not up to it, so Jackie drives me around instead. that of course means I can cover more situations.

    1. It certainly is. That van driver just sat calmly waiting, with a huge convoy lining up behind him. Because of the traffic on my side of the road, I didn’t see the pig until almost too late. Thank you, Suzanne

  6. Isn’t it great that you can ask the internet anything? 🙂
    “Are pigs color blind? For a farm mammal, pigs have quite good vision — they are able to perceive a range of color wavelengths, but cannot see gradations of color such as ombre effects. Redecorating the pigsty in colors your pig can perceive may make her feel less anxious.”

  7. You’re right, I had missed that post. You’re full of esoteric information. I think I should try out for The Chase, if I can remember all that stuff. 😊

  8. Great to think that those pigs are a part of a thousand year history of Forest Law, though I admit I’d hate to have to look out for livestock whilst driving through what remains of Sherwood. I’ll enjoy my history vicariously and let Jackie dodge the pigs. 😉

  9. Your New Forest views are amazing, but it’s the livestock playground aspect that I love. Although I suspect I would have nightmares of dodging pigs on the road if I drove there regularly.

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