Spilt Milk

Once again the sunniest part of the day was this morning. I am happy to say that the fault on our landline was successfully repaired while I stayed near the phone and Jackie continued weeding and planting. Nugget and Lady were both in attendance, but his new partner tweeted that she was not ready forContinue reading “Spilt Milk”

Ripples And Reflections

On another afternoon of heavy rain we took a drive into the forest. Over Lymington Road the sun attempted unsuccessfully to penetrate the brimming cloud canopy. The oak in the third picture has been remodelled by the sea air. The highest groping fingers never bear leaves. Almost the only wildlife we saw while the rainContinue reading “Ripples And Reflections”

Provoking A Squabble

Overnight winds had been powerful enough to blow this planted up stone urn off its pedestal. Early this morning Jackie drove me to our G.P. surgery at Milford on Sea to order a repeat prescription. We were not surprised to learn on BBC News that, at 79 m.p.h., the strongest gusts in Britain had rushedContinue reading “Provoking A Squabble”

Almost Blown Away

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. James, of Peacock Computers, visited to examine the iMac, and took it away to restore it to working order. In anticipation of the Apple’s removal, I had scanned a set of photographic prints from May 1993 onto the Windows laptop. We had also thought the weather wouldContinue reading “Almost Blown Away”

Pig On The Road

CLICK ON SMALLER IMAGES TO ACCESS RELEVANT GALLERIES Hoping for the cloud to clear we drove out to the north of the forest late this afternoon. Between Sway and Brockenhurst a woman rode a New Forest pony. This can only be managed after skillful ‘backing’ or breaking in. Her steed carried her past a gatheringContinue reading “Pig On The Road”

Mah Jongg

Today’s fine weather lived up to the promise of the dawn skies on Christchurch Road. Yvonne’s recent post in Hello World, prompted me to an exchange about the Lincoln imp, about which the Lincoln Cathedral website has this to say: ‘A HISTORY OF THE LINCOLN IMP Posted on December 16th, 2011 |  TODAY THE LINCOLNContinue reading “Mah Jongg”

Flytipping In Honeylake Wood

Vince, a heating engineer had visited a few days ago to overhaul our oil fired system that has never adequately functioned upstairs since we have been here. He got it going properly for the first time, but discovered that a hose had not been fitted to the boiler, a part of which was not functioningContinue reading “Flytipping In Honeylake Wood”

Touches Of Gothic

Ripped by a fierce cold wind pines creaked against fencing as, taking the Shorefield section first, I reversed my Hordle Cliff top walk. With howling gusts forcing me backwards, turbulent waves crashing against the shingle, and swirling clouds looming overhead, there was a truly Gothic feel over The Solent. One only had to imagine the lightContinue reading “Touches Of Gothic”

The Uses Of Enchantment

The gales are back in force. As the wind howled and the rain lashed at our window panes, tearing down the wisteria outside the kitchen door, I felt like a little pig. One of three, that is. Fortunately in a house made of brick. Had it been of straw we would have woken up exposedContinue reading “The Uses Of Enchantment”


The landscape after the deluge was pretty waterlogged today, but the light was bright and clear, giving us beautiful skies. Apart from a diversion to Acres Down, my walk took the form of a roughly drawn ampersand.  I turned right at Minstead Hall, left down to the ford, right at the ford, through Fleetwater to AcresContinue reading “Obstacles”