Lunch At The Village Shop


Today, Jackie drove us to and from Upper Dicker to visit Mat, Tess, and Poppy. We had the added bonus that Becky was staying there for the weekend.

Our house stands beside the A337 which takes us all the way to the Cadnam roundabout where we join the M/A27 to Mat and Tess’s home. I amused myself photographing the A337 through the car windscreen.

After a large group of walkers had completed their meal in the shop cafe, we all took our places at the large pine table.

Avocado etc on toast

We can’t remember the name of Jackie’s choice of avocado, bacon, tomatoes, and perfect fried eggs on toast.

Burger and chips

Becky enjoyed burger, chips, and salad;

Coq au vin

while my selection was coq au vin.

Sausage rolls

Matthew was happy with a couple of massive, meaty, sausage rolls. He and I both drank an Oyster Bay merlot 2013. The others drank coffee and water.

Poppy received a selection from Tess’s chicken goujons, but preferred what she plundered from Becky’s plate. She was given a fork, but used it in the well-tried method of her age group, namely spearing the food with the tines in one hand and taking it off and stuffing it into her mouth with the other. It was, of course, soon abandoned. After all, you can’t hold a delicacy in each hand if one is holding an item of cutlery. When she was replete, Poppy wiped the surface clean with a tissue, looking very pleased with herself.

Mat, Tess, and Poppy

Our happy, and contented, granddaughter then posed for a family group photograph with her parents. On Tess’s Specials Board behind them can be glimpsedΒ her little bilingual joke.

The sun was setting above Coldharbour Lane as we set off for home. We needed no evening meal.


  1. It’s my granddaughter, Poppy May’s first birthday, next Monday the 12th, and I have been commissioned by her mother, to produce several dozen of my world famous sausage rolls. (says he modestly) also a few dozen vol au vents; (chicken & asparagus in a cream sauce topped with prosciutto) XD.
    Perhaps I’ll try and take a few pictures to tempt you Derrick 😈 and post them, then again I’d probably make a non edible hash of it!
    I must admit I’m starting to worry about your, and Jackies, cholesterol,then again I’m probably just envious of all that lovely tucker.

      1. Sadly, for family reasons the birthday party has had to be postponed to a date as yet not fixed.
        Those eggs, tomatoes & bacon make me drool, was my favourite food; I used to be able to eat it at anytime. πŸ™
        Your Poppy is a little darling, hope she gets lots of cuddles and kisses. πŸ™‚

  2. I love how Poppy looks so well adjusted and very happy! You can tell she is a much loved little girl, Derrick. Your family seems like such a wonderful, jolly spirited group. <3
    My Mom had a 'bout' in the hospital a few days after Thanksgiving so I stopped posting, glad she has rallied. Fever, infection and back pain turned out she needed to eat, have an IV bag and lots of tests. All pretty much proving she is okay after all. πŸ˜‰

  3. I’m not often speechless but avocado and eggs (trendy fodder) with bacon and sausage (traditional breakfast) has done the trick.
    Not sure if I’m dumb with admiration at Jackie’s sense of adventure or indignant at the lack of black pudding and mushrooms (and possibly a raspberry coulis). Still thinking…

  4. Yes, Poppy has become a darling toddler, and how adorable she is! Such a bright, shining face.

  5. Your granddaughter looks adorable. Beautiful sunset here and the portions look huge. Thank goodness for those restaurants that still serve decent portions!

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