Location Established


The discovery of a few more colour negatives from 1986, with the aid of a properly labelled photograph album, enabled me to establish that the mountain scaled by Matthew and Sam in yesterday’s post was actually in North Wales, near Cerigydrudion, where Ann and Don were refurbishing their house.

Seen in context, with Louisa hastening to join them, the hillock doesn’t seem so daunting.

Early one morning Sam escorted his little sister on a recce down the lane leading from the farmhouse we had rented.



gave Louisa a lesson in building a sandcastle.

Sam and Louisa

I’m not sure where Sam and Louisa found this swing boat which gave so much pleasure.

Becky at Christmas tree with Easter eggs

This afternoon Jackie went out for newspapers and came back with the first Easter eggs of the year – and it’s not even Twelfth Night, when the Christmas decorations are customarily taken down. Becky suitably expresses the stupidity of our marketing practices. Indeed, it occurred to me that, unless kept at the right temperature, the chocolate would have a white film on it by the time of the festival for which it was intended.

This evening, with our dinner, Jackie, Becky, and Ian drank Don Cayetano Sauvignon Blanc 2015. My beverage was Louis Virion Costières de Nîmes 2014. We ate Jackie’s sublime roast lamb, potatoes, and parsnips; green beans, broccoli, and carrots; followed by Christmas pudding and cream.


  1. You don’t understand. After Valentine’s Day and Easter, there are no chocolate holidays again until next Halloween. And ya’ll are complaining about early Easter chocolate on the shelves? Why, that’s like chocolate blasphemy. And why would anyone buy Easter candy now and then wait for months to eat it? That’s just plain wasteful. (And maybe just a little sadistic.) 🙂

  2. It’s always a delicious ending. I enjoy the countryside pictures. No snow here on New Years, but the northeastern US (New England) received a healthy storm and more than 12 inches (about 30cm) if heavy, wet snow. Happy New Year!

  3. This ridiculous marketing makes my blood boil. Even though I am not religious, I find it offensive. But the only way to stop the practice is for us all en-masse to refuse to buy into it. That’s never going to happen. Watch out for the hot cross buns around the corner! . . . Love the photos, as always.

    1. I’m afraid Hot Cross Buns are available all year in Waitrose! What happened to “waiting for annual treats”, so they keep being special?

    1. In the 60s, I was sent a “Peanuts” book from some ex pat. friends in the US, not in Chas. Schulz’ usual style of multi-frame cartoons, but single images with witty by-lines, each beginning “Christmas is… “. It might be noted by those elsewhere, Xmas is not as big a festival as Thanksgiving in the US. Even back then, the commercialism which has pervaded other countries (e.g. all of your various contributors’, I’d guess, from the comments) must have already resonated with its intended [grown-up] audience, since one image, possibly the first, was captioned “Christmas is the toys and gifts which appear in the shops almost before the summer holidays are over”. (The 1960s, remember!)

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