A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing?


The frost fairies were having a laugh this morning as they sprayed Christmas trees onto the car windscreen.

Undeterred, Jackie scraped them off and she and I visited the bottle bank in Milford on Sea and continued on to Keyhaven and back.

Was this a wolf in sheep’s clothing camouflaging itself among these ovine creatures?

After an afternoon of reading we dined on poached eggs, mushrooms of both the breaded and fried varieties, bacon, French fries, tomatoes, and bread and butter. We drank Campanula pinot grigio 2015.

I am quite chuffed because I have converted Becky to The Daily Telegraph crossword which she is successfully completing. Still not my choice of newspaper, but a step up from the Daily Mail.


  1. I never knew that frost can be so beautiful but grateful that we don’t have frost in harbour-side Sydney. Love mushrooms anyway they’re cooked.

  2. Wow – Those frosted Christmas trees are amazing. How many people would leap into such a car and impatiently wait for the defrost without noticing the beauty?

  3. A wolversheep! It reminds me of the signs for sheep in Cantal which always look as though they might be weresheep which turn to blood seekers under a full moon. Happy New Year to you and your family – I wish you a 2017 filled with joy and laughter, peace and contentment and most of all overflowing with love

  4. Eek, Derrick! I misread and thought that Jackie had scraped off the frost fairies not their works of art! 🙂 I love that big – er, yawn?
    Living where you do, near the forest, do you hear some distorted sounds in the trees from animals that are moving about amongst them? In the evening, after sunset, we hear what sounds like terrible beasts, but it is simply th distorted sounds of sheep bleating loudly.

  5. The frost in the car window does look strangely beautiful, but also inconveniently opaque. Incidentally, there is something suspiciously sinister about that sheep.

  6. Beautiful capture of the frost upon the windshield, Derrick!
    The teeth do seem rather big and wonder whether he was bleating and complaining about the chilly weather? 🙂

  7. In Australia many sheep farmers have these’wolves in sheep’s clothing’sometimes known as llamas. But be ware. If you stray into the paddock you might be attacked.

  8. Beautiful frost designs on the car windshield, Derrick, a shame to scrape them away, but it would be impossible to drive were it left on there. 😉

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