Nelson’s Column

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. Sam and Holly, Malachi and Orlaith arrived today to spend a few days towards the end of  their UK trip. Malachi is a great reader, so his first visit was to the library from which I was happy to pass on to him a selection of books. Lexulous is theContinue reading “Nelson’s Column”

The Interknit.

CLICK ON ANY GROUPED IMAGE TO ACCESS GALLERIES THAT CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE. JUST CLICK ON THE INDIVIDUAL IMAGES TO ENLARGE THEM. We didn’t much feel like taking the Christmas decorations down last night, so left it at unplugging the lights. When you consider that the Head Decorator is also the Head Gardener, youContinue reading “The Interknit.”

Feeding The Birds (2)

CLICK ON SMALLER CLUSTERED IMAGES TO ACCESS LARGER GALLERIES. Mat arrived with Poppy this morning. Our granddaughter was walking about and talking scribble. She was straight into toys. She likes playing with the mice; but was soon absorbed with the seal box and its fish contents, making lots of cooing noises. Stopping for beverages atContinue reading “Feeding The Birds (2)”

Pasted To Their Neighbour’s Flanks

The veritable Christmas aroma of cinnamon and cloves that permeated the house this morning came from Jackie’s rice factory in preparation for Boxing Day. Anyone who has followed my ramblings for a while may be wondering what the mice have been up to this year. They have brought their lambs to venerate the crib. This brightContinue reading “Pasted To Their Neighbour’s Flanks”

Conquering Everest

Soon after dawn this morning, a couple of sleek, dark, lean looking adult starlings led a pair of fluffy fat fledglings onto the roof above their nest. A friendly young blackbird, like the lonely child watching others playing, attempted to join the group. It was chased off by Mum and Dad. Naturally I dashed, such asContinue reading “Conquering Everest”


This morning I added three informative Facebook link comments, one from Becky, one from Lesley O’Neill, and one from Jackie herself, to yesterday’s post. Some of you will remember the nomadic mice from Christmas. Having joined the suffragette mousement, they have now taken up a position on the sitting room window sill. Albeit out of focusContinue reading “Relocation”

Stranded On Bramble Bank

Jackie has been collecting little mice from a gallery in Milford on Sea. Each morning these charming little creatures, noses in the air, have been found in different locations. One of Flo’s Christmas Dragonology books contained a model which could be removed, assembled, and hung somewhere. Put these two facts together and you might be ableContinue reading “Stranded On Bramble Bank”