Looking Up


This afternoon I printed a batch of photographs for Louisa and one in duplicate for Ian.

Peter and Ally 1.6.16

All these images have appeared on previous posts, but that for Ian, of his father,Peter, and stepmother, Ally, has been cropped from a  group photo from 1st June last year.

The sky had cleared somewhat by then, and I wandered around the garden with my camera.

Raindrop on rose hip

The mist had liquified forming entrancing pendants on rose hips

Raindrop pendant on rose stem

and stems. This one on its finely spun silver chain would grace any elegant neck (I particularly recommend two clicks on this one).

The gazebo was now fully draped by the flowering clematis Cirrhosa Balearica.

Nothing stirred the fine fringes of the weeping birch.

Looking up at these drew my attention to the well-fed plump watching pigeon in the skeletal beech.

This evening we dined on minced beef pie, sauteed peppers and mushrooms, and boiled greens, carrots, and potatoes; followed by bread and Benecol pudding and evap. I drank more of the madiran.


  1. Definitely disappointed in the minced beef pie when there’s a pigeon outside sitting on a branch… oops – I never said that! (We’re having coq au vin on Saturday to celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Rooster…)

    1. Many thanks, Jill. I think that if WordPress permitted it it would have remained sharp for another. The picture was taken with my little point and shoot Canon

  2. Very nice pictures, thank you so much for sharing. Would love your feedback on a couple of our short stories at our Gastradamus blog. Would love your feedback on Lardy Arms and rutjob, hope to see you soon

  3. The “entrancing pendants” suspended from rose hips were beautiful gifts for all your friends who enjoy natural jewelry, Derrick. Quite lovely!
    I think the great photo of Ian’s father with his stepmother shows his pleasant nature and possibly good sense of humor. 🙂

      1. So sorry for Ian’s and all of your friends and family who lost such a gentle spirit. The photo shows a fond and fun moment. No wonder you printed extras of this one.
        I wasn’t trying to stir up trouble with my own fun comment about passing out natural jewelry, Derrick. 😀

  4. That rose and jewel picture is even more gorgeous when you see the spider web ‘chain.’ Your branches are already getting quite developed buds for new branches!

  5. I find that viewing your photos by enlarging the whole screen (mine is 21″) is easier than clicking individual photos. That way the writing is also enlarged 🙂 love the last four.

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