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This morning I checked with Owen the chimney sweep that the 20″ swan’s nest baskets available at Gordleton Barn would not be too wide for our chimney, and that Streets ironmongers in Brockenhurst could supply smaller ones if necessary. Jackie and I therefore made a further visit to the barn. Unfortunately Richard’s offerings were too deep.

Cartwheel hub

In order not to have a wasted journey I photographed the hub of the cartwheel that decorates the front of the shop.


In the muddy field alongside Hordle Lane on our way out, my driver, who has eyes everywhere, spotted a group of cock pheasants engaged in a stag party.

Electric Fence warning

This particular farmer is not rambler friendly, but at least he has attached a warning notice to a newly erected electric fence. That is the yellow blob in the foreground above.

Streets ironmongers 1

From Gordleton, we proceeded to Brockenhurst and Streets, Jackie’s favourite kind of shop. (Yes, that is our car in need of a wash, but it will only become filthy again on one trip around the wet, salted, roads.)

The windows, alone, are most enticing.

There we bought an iron grate of the correct size, and ordered a house name sign.

The burnt gorse and waterlogged terrain near Sway offered yet another scene that would have inspired Paul Nash’s war paintings.

Snowdrops in river

At Flexford, the Avon tributary that flows through the grounds of Gordleton Mill was overflowing so as to provide snowdrops with more liquid refreshment than they would probably have liked.

The stream rushed over and around the banks, swirling around trees and shrubs, and even threatening to bath the horse on higher ground. Fresh green catkins were suspended safely out of reach of the spate.

Sheep by River Avon

Sheep on a hillside seemed to be out of harm’s way.

Derrick photographing

I was rash enough to leave my Canon SX700 HS in the car. Jackie therefore amused herself by taking photographs of me photographing the scene,

Derrick talking to woman

and speaking to a woman whose job it was to look after the horses. She carried what I took to be a sack of feed. She confirmed that the river was much higher than usual, and that the land was considerably waterlogged.

Wondering what the Isle of Wight might look like in this rainy weather, we diverted to the coast before returning home. The island was invisible, but the horizon on the edge of the fields presented interesting layers of mist.

Our route up Downton Lane was temporarily blocked by the delivery  of two mobile homes to Shorefield Caravan Park. This convoy of very long container trucks was led by a brightly lit escort.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s chicken jalfrezi of which many an Indian chef would be proud; her flavoursome pilau rice with added egg and mushrooms; and vegetable samosas. The Culinary Queen drank Hoegaarden and I drank Chateau Les Croisille Cahors 2011. This smooth. full bodied, wine was a gift from Shelly and Ron.


    1. and are we not fortunate in that! I did get lost in the mist/fog once in Sydney, up on Bilgola Plateau, come to think of it it was really clouds, I think life is nicer without the stuff, yesterday was pretty misty; had to drive the War Office to Crows Nest and crossing the bridge it was pretty misty,and at 09.00 hours it’s not the most pleasant drive.

          1. that bloody WordPress spelling thingy and I usually watch for it, had I have spelt it correctly it would have told me I was wrong and I would have known I was right

      1. We hear foghorns from the cargo ships on the way into Port Kembla harbour a few weeks back. First time in eight years living here – and it is summer! That’s taking east coast humidity to a new level.

  1. Well Derrick your journey looked far from wasted.. Love the wagon wheel and the hardware store.. My kind of store.. I was so upset when our local one closed down. You could get anything in their from tap washers to fork handles- to four candles. .. 🙂 and remember well the sketch with the two Ronnies with this 🙂
    Lots of rain and with melting snows the streams are full and overflowing.. Lovely to see the snow drops even if a little waterlogged..
    Love all of your photo’s Derrick..
    Wishing you a Happy start to February .. 🙂

  2. Living in the High Desert of the U.S. Southwest, it was most amusing to see all the waterlogged photos…so wet and delicious. Most days we have sun here. Sun and Dry. Your photos of the wetness are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Are you in Belgium? I went to the brewery itself in Hoegaarden, I was given the tour, and then we all went to their lovely restaurant for lunch, happy day.

    1. Hello Sunbird, I am Jackie. Derrick and I share the house garden and adventures, lovely to have you along. Derrick of course does the work, and is the photographer.

  3. I can see why Brockenhurst and Streets is Jackie’s favorite shop. Do you all have a reserved parking spot? I never get that lucky. 🙂 So many colorful items to peruse. I would imagine one could spend an hour or so in search of the perfect find. Love the mist shots!

    1. Thanks very much Jill. There are no reserved spaces, but in the New Forest area car parks, with a parking clock, residents can park free for 3 hours at a cost of £25 per annum.

  4. Nice photos, Derrick. I think I’d have enjoyed walking about in such a pleasant part of the world too, but I’d definitely have wanted a pair of rubber boots.

  5. You seem to be able to find subjects for your photos everywhere you go, even on a wet day–a good lesson to all of us to keep our eyes open and to appreciate the world around us. Thanks for taking us on your winter outing.

  6. i really like the pics…u really are good at this, i didnt realize that a picture of a basket would come out really great…when ivwas in college, i was hoping to be a good photographer but i dont have the magic hands, for some unknown reason, my hand seemed shaky..pictures end up blurry.,..? maybe i am just trying to blame my inadequacy on something else..hehehe

  7. It looks like you had a fine ramble, Derrick. I particularly like the shot of the pheasants and all the photos of the stream with the trees’s reflection– and Jackie’s shot of you. 🙂

  8. More brilliant images my friend, I accidentally deleted your comment on my haiku, yes, Cheshire cats are most cool and can be found in the most unlikely places 🙂 I love it when that happens 🙂

  9. I loved seeing the catkins and the snowdrops. 🙂 It all looks rather soggy around your area, but you did find some beauty to photograph. Your meal description has my mouth watering. Jackie seems to fill every minute of her day and still finds time to cook delicious meals. Amazing woman you have there. Cherish her. 🙂

  10. The shop Jackie likes is one I would probably rummage around and look at all sorts of things!
    I liked the last photo of outdoor flooding scenes, where sheep were on higher ground the very best! 🙂
    Derrick, the rusted wheel cog was a very cool photograph!

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