The Water Bed


This morning we drove to New Milton to register with the Birchfield Dental Practice, then do business at the bank and the post office. Afterwards we visited Streets Ironmongers in Brockenhurst where we exchanged our Swan’s Basket for a more suitable grate for the new fireplace, and a bag of coal. As we left the shop, the car thermometer registered 19 degrees. we’ll hardly need a fire. Someone up there is having a laugh.

The land around the Balmer Lawn section of Highland Water has dried out enough for the flooded area, bearing strong shadows from the overhead sun, to contain discrete pools reflecting the trees and the skies.

Shadows and roots 1

Some of the shadows criss-crossed the roots exposed by receding waters.

Clear water flowed over the glowing Highland Water bed.

The river itself sparkled in the sunlight.

As I wandered along the banks a pony seemed to move across the landscape. Actually it remained stationary. It was I who changed my position.

Cyclists were reflected beneath the bridge, over which a walker proceeded in the direction of Brockenhurst,

Water under bridge

and under which the river streamed.

Other ponies had reclaimed their pasturage. This one set off past the car park towards the river, thought better of it, and, eyes open, went to sleep.

Perhaps it had decided to leave the watering hole to the donkeys,

who, thirst slaked, went off for a scratch

followed by a necking session.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s sublime chicken jalfrezi and mushroom rice, with onion bahji and samosa starters and a side dish of dal makhani and paneer. Jackie finished the Vernaccia di San Gimignano and I finished the carmenère.


  1. 19°C! Brrrr! That’s about the max we got over here all summer. A curse on global warming… Once again, lovely reflective (in both senses) photographs.

  2. Beautiful photos, Derrick. I really like the reflections in the water and the roots with shadows–though the necking donkeys are awfully cute. 🙂

  3. The shadows and the reflections are sublime …. such a wonderful representation of this moment just before Spring really bursts forth when the skeletons of the trees are still apparent.

  4. It all looks very peaceful and pretty. I especially liked the shot of all the shadows among the tree roots. Anyway, it won’t be long now until spring really gets started and in among the roots are flowers and undergrowth.

  5. Sometimes our temperatures synchronise in our separate hemisphere. It’s just nudged up to 17ºC this morning, at 6am (or were you talking Fahrenheit ?)

  6. I thought that coal for domestic fires was no longer available, I used to love our coal fires when growing up; I must admit I much prefer them to a wood fire, the glowing coals throwing out comforting warmth, just loved it!

      1. You were tucking in then and boozing on just the same as you’re doing now. Must admit you do look a bit Pertweish.
        The fogs I recall were horrendous, I can still remember going off to school getting to the front gate about 10-15 foot away from the front door, looking back and seeing nothing but fog.

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