A Tutorial


This morning Jackie virtually completed her planting up of the pots and hanging baskets.

Petunias 2Petunias 1Petunias 3Petunias 4Petunias 5

Petunias 6Petunias 7

Here are just a few of the numerous varieties of petunia,

Head Gardener's Walk

more of which feature in this shot of the Head Gardener’s Walk.

Shady Path 1

The Shady Path also has its share of these and of begonias,


another variety of which lies beside the patio in a Butler’s sink,


in full view of this striking primula.

Clematis on dead prunus

The prunus pissardi in the Oval Bed has died, and now provides a climbing frame for a couple of clematises and the Peach Abundance rose.Félicité Perpétue

We have two rampant rambling Félicité Perpétue roses. This one is at the Eastern end of the Back Drive.

Poppy 1Poppy 2

Prize poppies, like these two in the herbaceous border, are cropping up everywhere;

For Your Eyes Only

and For Your Eyes Only romps around the Rose Garden.

Jessie and her friend Claire came to visit for the weekend. We spent a most entertaining afternoon and evening reminiscing and putting the world to rights.


The mandatory garden tour was undertaken. Here is Jessie admiring the Rose Garden.

Clare 1Clare 2Jackie and Clare 2Jackie and Clare 1Jackie and Clare 3

Claire, a keen gardener, appreciated what she termed a tutorial from The Head Gardener,

Clare 3

and particularly enjoyed a wander down the Back Drive.

This evening we dined on Mr Pink’s fish and chips, Garner’s pickled onions, and Tesco’s gherkins followed by chocolate eclairs and Fortnum and Mason’s classy mints provided by Claire, accompanied by Jessie’s excellent Les Caillottes Sancerre 2015.


  1. Being of pseudo-semi-upper-class stock, I had to google “Butler’s sink” only to discover it was something in the kitchen that servants used. No wonder I had never heard of it! Love all the petunias. Have never been able to grow decent begonias

  2. Petunias, in my experience, are one of the most resilient, and easy care flowers available. This spring, I planted four varieties, and love the splashes of color—I can always depend on them to stay blooming for weeks!

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