Knickerbocker Glory

I did a little bit of dead-heading in the Rose Garden this morning, and watched the Wimbledon men’s semi-finals this afternoon.

Between matches, I took a break and wandered around the garden, particularly to see how the agapanthuses are coming along. The first image shows them against the backcloth of the Palm Bed, on the edge of which they are situated; the second looks out from that bed; and the third down the Gazebo Path.

Here is another view of the Palm Bed,opposite which we have this scene from the corner of Margery’s Bed.

Saint John’s wort glows at the entrance to the Rose Garden.

A fly also took a break on a white sweet pea.

Continuing with ‘A Knight’s Tale’ I added some new material and edited extracts from ‘Mugging’

and from ‘Tom’

The picture of Tom has been extracted from this school photograph featured in ‘Did You Mean The Off Break?’ 

This evening we dined on Jackie’s superb steak and onion pie in proper short crust pastry, with new potatoes, crisp carrots and spring greens. I drank more of the Fronton, then  became  rather excited when I thought dessert was to be knickerbocker glory, but it turned out to be

Hydgrangea in vase

hydrangea in a vase, so we settled for a Magnum each.


  1. I love the way how you and Jackie name your garden beds and paths. It somehow makes them even more memorable–though your splendid photos make them memorable enough. It looks like a beautiful day. It’s been rainy and gloomy here all day, and now we’re having a thunderstorm.
    I had to look up knickerbocker glory. 🙂

          1. I just did a really quick search, and there doesn’t seem to be definite theory or origin. It seems to be an English dessert with a pseudo-Dutch name–which might come from either Washington Irving’s pen name or New York hotel.

  2. O those wretched agapanthuses – which over here have been declared a noxious weed – which means you can be fined for having them. Everyone still plants them!
    I’ve never heard of the knickerbocker glories! My education continues!

  3. Agapanthuses seem to be raising an army like their quasi-namesake Agamemnon. I am saving ‘Mugging’, ‘Tom’ and ‘Did You Mean The Off Break’ for an expansive feast later in the evening. Very refreshing images, as always.

  4. It is very nice when you have where to wander between matches 🙂
    Your paths and beds are beautiful as always, Derrick 😀
    Mo-hugs <3

  5. Too many links! Your posts are just too interesting and I really do have other things to do. The excuse “I was reading Derrick J Knight” does not work when Julia sees no housework has been done. 🙂

  6. I had to look up knickerbocker glory as I had no idea what this meant. Then I saw. Oh, a parfait!
    😉 No wonder you were disappointed.

  7. The gardens are looking lovely. The photo of the birches and ferns was intriguing. Too bad that was where you were mugged as a youngster. That woods scene looks so beautiful and peaceful. If trees could talk about what they have seen! I am sorry you had another mugging experience 30 years later.

  8. I love every photo but so glad you gave the identity of the tall ones with strange clumps of little buds against the palm bed, Derrick. What a long and challenging name this is! ?

    The crystal bud vase with lavender hydrangea blossoms is a special “treat” or dessert! ?

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