A Splendid Morning


The weather this morning was splendid. The morning was to become more so, with a visit from good friends.

In eager anticipation of the arrival Jackie was out early sweeping the corridors, manicuring the green carpet, refreshing the flowers, and generally tidying up the reception room that is the garden. It seemed only right that I should get out there and help.

Right on time at 11 a.m. Geoff Le Pard arrived with the Textiliste, the Vet, and Dog.

View across Kitchen Bed

We all sat on the patio with coffee and sparkling water. This is one view across the Kitchen bed.

The Textiliste 1The Textiliste 2

Everyone then wandered around the garden. Here are a couple of views featuring the Textiliste, a skilled gardener herself.

Geoff and Milo

This was the first bench tried out by Geoff.

Derrick, Geoff, and Milo 1Derrick, Geoff, and Milo 2

Partly for the benefit of our mutual friend, Pauline, the Vet reprised a photo of Geoff and me taken a year ago. Dog wasn’t in the last one. He didn’t get the joke his master and I shared.

The Vet 1The Vet and Milo 1The Vet and Milo 2

The Vet, of course, was, herself, far more worthy of the camera’s attention. Was Dog feigning an ailment in order to obtain a scratch?


The large chimney pots, one of which holds this bidens, were much admired.


Jackie, amused by the photo session,

Jackie, Geoff, and Milo

was soon to be joined by Geoff and Dog on the Nottingham Castle Bench. In the right foreground of this shot is another of the chimney pots.

Heuchera and day lilies

The opposite corner of the Dead End Path contains this heuchera and these day lilies.

Bee in Summer Wine

On a final visit to the Rose Garden before we set off for lunch, I spotted a bee slaking its thirst on Summer Wine.

Ogre sculpture

Watched over by an Ogre we all lunched at The Beachcomber CafΓ© at Barton on Sea. He seemed to be having as much fun as we were.

Afterwards, Jackie drove me to the Birchfield Dental Practice in New Milton for a clean and check up. All was well.

We arrived back home in time for the televised Wimbledon tennis semi-final between Johanna Konta and Venus Williams.

Head Gardener's Walk/Shady Path

I then wandered around the garden again, along the Head Gardener’s Walk to the Shady Path

Dragon Bed

beside the Dragon Bed,


where a glowing begonia shines like a beacon.

Comma butterfly

A rather tatty Comma butterfly took a rest,

Red Admiral and Comma butterflies

then flitted across to join a Red Admiral in the sunshine.

Gazebo Path

To the left along the Gazebo Path,

Agapanthus 1Agapanthus 2Agapanthus 3

a large cluster of agapanthuses, in different stages of emergence, are bursting from their cases.

Dead tree trunk

This is the trunk of the dead tree that supports solanums and clematises.

Fuschia Mrs Popple and hydrangea Lanarth White

In the corner of the Rose Garden beside the orange shed, fuchsia Mrs Popple provides a strong contrast to Lanarth White hydrangea.

Sweet peas 1Sweet peas 2

Finally, I thought Bruce would like to see how the sweet peas are coming along.

This evening Jackie and I dined on Mr Pink’s fish and chips, pickled gherkins and onions. I drank Arborescence Fronton 2016.


  1. Love the ogre, checking things out, whilst hiding in the shade.
    Your garden is just so beautiful, no wonder you refer to it as your reception room.

  2. Well that made my morning! Two of my favourite Brit Bloggers and a Dog πŸ™‚ (I suspect Dog is as overindulged as young Sid-Arthur is) The garden is looking delicious!! xo

  3. Your sweet peas are wonderful!!
    Although I know it to be optionally correct, the plural form, agapanthuses, is a lot harder to say than the optionally correct plural, agapanthus!
    And the inevitable comment: The lovely photo of you, Geoff and the dog… but which one was the dog?

  4. You are better! Love the Reception; mine is still in progress and I have a feeling that the progress won’t get past Reception.

  5. After sharing this post with my husband he wanted to know where you are located. We went to your about page and found your location and then we started checking out cottages to stay at when we go to England to visit our son. We’ll probably have to find something closer to London but it was fun checking out what’s available.

  6. Well, an official thank you to our hosts; for those yet to visit Derrick and Jackie’s paradise it is even better in the bud and the leaf than his rather excellent photography suggests. The views are impossibly 3D – you can’t turn about without some other vista blowing you away, each space a chapter in a rather special book, a room in a perfect home. Yes, peeps, if you can, go see.

  7. What a wonderful photo session Derrick! You are so versatile and talented in capturing people in the moment, and the delicate beauty of flowers.. and ogres.

  8. I’ve never seen nor heard of agapanthuses (what a tongue twister) but that first photo is a marvel. There’s something incredibly sensual and just a touch naughty (perhaps indicative of my mind) about that first photo. Its like the curtains have been opened on an orgy or something. Anyhoo. Just me. I love the photo of Jackie with her double glasses. I walk around similarly adorned. One never knows when the bifocals might be needed.

  9. I love taking a tiny break from work and viewing your posts…this one was so fun…bright and lively and carefree…as Summer should be…thanks for the smiles.

  10. Great views and great friends…life is good, eh? You know I love that shady path shot, Derrick…it’s so peaceful. I went to the dentist today for a cleaning and check-up, too. Not my favorite place, so I’m happy it’s over for six months. πŸ™‚

  11. What a lovely day and happy pictures. The bidens are amazing as are the two butterfly photos. For a moment, I though you and Jackie had an ogre in YOUR garden but realized not. The garden looks lovely as ever.

  12. You had such splendid visitors. The agapanthus buds bursting out of their casings are a lovely sight. I was quite amused to find Mr Shrek under the shade. Why do I want to paint him shades of green? I bet he wants you to take him home to your garden!

  13. The garden is beautiful – my compliments to the head gardener. Thank you Derrick for the tour, it was relaxing and comforting. πŸ™‚

  14. Indeed, a splendid morning, Derrick. The beauty of nature and old friends. What could be more pleasant?
    I’m sure they enjoyed your amazing garden. It can be seen in their smiles.
    I love Jackie’s smile, Derrick πŸ™‚

  15. A wonderful day in the gardens with friends! You and Jackie have created a bit of paradise there.

    Please give the Dog a good scratch behind the ears for me. πŸ™‚

  16. Your friend, Geoff and the Vet with dog are very pleasant and charming guests to see. Jackie is amazing πŸ’ in her ability to keep things in “tip top shape” in the magnificent gardens.
    So glad you showed the close-ups of the agapanthus flowers in several stages, Derrick. I had observed them tall and proud against the palm garden in one of your newer posts. This week I started new post to travel backwards in time! 😊
    Today I have a treat of a double rainbow to share with you and Jackie if she would like to see! 🌈

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