Savouring The Meaning Of Life


On this dull but dry morning, we transported more garden refuse to the dump and returned with a shove ha’penny board. First of all, having just received a contract giving a start date of 31st March 2014, but no bill I made another telephone call to British Gas. This time I was informed that my position was justifiable. Having consulted her manager the representative told me she had to “monitor the account” until 23rd August, but I need not “stress about the three years” during which I have not been billed.

Before we arrived home, we drove to Friar’s Cliff Café for lunch, then on to the forest.

Always swim between the red and yellow flags

A large banner on the beach at Friar’s Cliff advised swimmers to stay between two flags;

Beach scene 6

some followed the advice;

Beach scene 5

others didn’t.

Beach Scene 1Beach scene 2

Young families went for a paddle,

Boy digging in sand 1Boy digging in sand 1

or, like this energetic boy tossing up spits of sand,

Beach scene 3Beach scene 4Beach scene 7employed their buckets and spades.

Beach scene with rowers

A pair of rowers gently glided by.

Pulled pork burger 1

Jackie enjoyed her baked potato filled with beans, coleslaw, and cheese with a lavish salad. I was, for the first time ever in this excellent establishment, was disappointed with my pulled pork burger, chips, and salad. Any relative difference in size is purely the result of perspective.

Pulled pork burger 2

My problem was that the few bits of lettuce beneath the burger constituted the salad, and the burger was beef with a topping of the shredded pork. I didn’t think that lived up to the above description, but was prepared to write it down to experience and make no complaint. We were, however, asked how our meal was, so, politely, and in a friendly manner, I explained why it wasn’t what I expected from the description. This was accepted and the description will be changed.

Rosa rugosa AlbaRosa rugosa Alba hips and blackberries

At the top of the cliff a hedge containing rosa rugosa Alba with its splendid hips,

Blackberries and rosa rugosa Alba hips


Blackberries and thistle


Budweiser bottle in hedge

and Budweiser, tolerates the fiercest winds.

Blackberries in heather

Blackberries also mingle with

Heather 1Heather 2

the heather on the moors.

Horses in stream 1

Horses at North Gorley preferred to do their paddling in the stream;

Horses in stream 2Horses in stream 3Horses in stream 4


one, rather shy, took refuge behind its companion.


As we approached Stoney Cross Plain, Jackie spotted a bullock she thought had found the meaning of life.

You have seen what we had for lunch, so will not be surprised to learn that a small amount of Mr Chan’s Take Away sufficed for our sustenance this evening.






  1. I see your blackberries are coming ripe too. I picked a lot of wild blackberries out in the back lot this morning. They are great on oatmeal. 🙂

    The last photo of the bullock is priceless! 🙂

  2. So many beautiful photos–I love the heather. But that last photo made me laugh. I had to show my husband, and he laughed when I pointed out the “42.” Clever, Jackie!
    I hope your problems with the gas company are sorted out soon.

  3. Lovely story, combining the sea with the land. And food, food, food. You called them chips but they looked like fries, large ‘French fries’.

    1. No they are CHIPS. and not to be mistaken for those thin fatty things served up by McDonalds 😀
      A chip is something to be savored; crisp and golden on the outside, hot and soft on the inside; with a sprinkling of sea salt. A meal in itself! 😈 :bear:

  4. Some people never pay heed to warnings. Back at Mumbai, a beach called Axa proudly displays the yearly score of those who drowned, alongside the warning signs prohibiting swimming. And yet, many keep finding their watery graves year after year.
    You did right to pull up the restauranteur. I was much amused at the sight of the bullock who had found the meaning of life. For a long time I used to believe it was 42, but now I know it is a merry ox by the roadside!

  5. I’d have politely sent my burger back, and requested what I had ordered, I can’t see the point of grinning and bearing something that is not right. They will continue to serve whatever they want, unless a stand is made, it is not acceptable to take whatever they serve up; ever! :bear:

  6. it’s amazing how cows can pick their noses so rudely in mixed company and get away with it 🙂 haha, nice catch. Does anyone ever ride the horses?

    1. We know someone who has two, but she keeps them ion a field, although they are New Forest ponies which need to be ‘backed’ which is the term for breaking them in. Thanks a lot, Kim. I took a couple of pics and picked the one picking 🙂

  7. The heather is so lovely! And the horses always steal my heart. It’s good that they accepted your comment on the description of the food and plan to correct it. There’s nothing more disappointing that being promised one meal and served something so different.

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