Today was a busy one with not much time to post. Jackie drove us to Emsworth where we decanted into Ian’s car. He drove us, with Becky as well, to their financial advisor in Pagham where we sought his advice on a loan.

On our return to Emsworth we stopped for a drink at The Walnut Tree in Runction in West Sussex.

We then returned to our own car and Jackie drove to Hedge End near Elizabeth’s for her to check out the route for an appointment she has early in the morning. We are staying the night at my sister’s.


We spent a while chatting in her garden, under the beady eye of an inquisitive wood pigeon.

Geoff & Jackie garden

Wondering whether my chair had begun to sway, I eventually realised that the wooden chapel in Geoff and Jackie’s garden had developed a list to starboard.

Kuti's meal 1

The three of us dined at Kuti’s Indian restaurant in Fair Oak. I almost forgot to photograph the excellent spread.

King prawn jalfrezi

My choice was possibly the best king prawn jalfrezi I have tasted. We shared onion bhajis, mushroom and pilau rice, plain paratha, and Bombay aloo. Elizabeth drank Indian Runner beer, Jackie’s choice was Tiger, and mine, Cobra.

32 thoughts on “Kuti’s

    • Korma is the mild option – any of your likes can be done that way. The beauty of curry is that it is so tasty and colourful. Biriani, also mild, is a bit like a risotto, having the rice mixed in. Thanks a lot Steve.

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