Selfie With Sir Robert


Boat on shallows

This afternoon we drove around the lanes to the east of the Forest. Our first port of call was the beach at Tanner’s Lane. A rowing boat lay among the rocks in the shallows.

Shorescape 1

The water further out, fronting the Isle of Wight was blue, still, and clear. Portsmouth’s  Spinnaker Tower stood steady on the horizon.


Was this print evidence of the New Forest yeti?

Couple on beach 2

Several couples took advantage of this balmy September day.

Couple on beach 1

This pair claimed no knowledge of

Glass on post

 the champagne glass standing on a nearby post. I tested the quality before deciding to leave it where it was.

Isle of Wight from mainland

A lovely view of the rolling hills of the Isle of Wight was available from St Leonard’s Road,


along which one of my driver’s acceptable cyclists happily pedalled. Jackie takes exception to those dressed in bum-hugging lycra with a professional air and knobbly calves.

St Leonard's Barn 1St Leonard's Barn 2

Further on, St Leonard’s Barn

St Leonard's Barn ruin 1St Leonard's Barn ruin 2St Leonard's Barn ruin 3

and its ruins basked in the late afternoon sunshine.


Valerian sprang from

Stone wall 1

the ancient stone walls;

Dogrose hips

dog rose hips mingled with blackberries in the hedgerows opposite;


hay bales were poised to roll across the fields;

Pool and reflection

and a pool by the wayside reflected the skies and iron fencing atop the slope above.


Nearer home we passed a Batman v Superman scarecrow contest at Classic Hair & Beauty Clinic, 40 Stopples Lane;

Derrick reflected with Scarecrow

and I took a selfie with P.C. Robert Peel at Hordle Pharmacy, 26 Ashley Lane.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s luscious lamb jalfrezi served with onion rice. I drank Prestige de Calvet Cotes du Rhone Villages 2016. The Culinary Queen had already consumed her Hoegaarden in the Rose Garden.




      1. Spread the word because lets face it we need to laugh so we font succumb to slightly innapropriate and vaguely murderous thoughts when stuck behind them on the road ?

      1. Yes – thank you for noticing. My biggest client retired at the beginning of the summer & I have been scrambling to replace that income. Spending a lot of time on interviews, etc. SO I am well and happy – just busy. : )

  1. Batman dangled from the knees, that image reminded me of a girl who did that anywhere.
    I said: – Girl come down from there now!
    She replied:- I’m doing “batmaning”.- Crazy thing.:)

    Now Derrick: The selfie reflected in the glass was intentional or accidental?

  2. Perhaps the Yeti left the champagne glass?
    I love the photos of the ruins with the window like a portal in the sky.
    Your selfie made me laugh–well done! 🙂

  3. I see where St Leonard’s animals would’ve been pleased to have had a roof over their head.

    Have you even blogged about a trip to the Isle of Wight – as I’d like to have a roam around one day?

    1. Thanks, Bruce. I bet Mary would, too. I haven’t been there since the early 1990s. There’s not much there and the cost of the ferry crossing ‘the most expensive stretch of water in the world’ is exorbitant.

  4. I didn’t realise the Isle Of Wight was so close to the mainland. Ah now I’ll play my CD of Leonard Cohen’s live performance on the Isle, back in 1970. !!

  5. Derrick, I have downloaded one of your excellent exposures (“Natural England”) which is now adorning my desktop as a wallpaper, hoping of course for a post facto approval of my act. Man, stealing a sip of champagne laid atop a stub is all I want to do today!

  6. Full of interests today; some great clouds, the best straw people so far and the Isle of Wight – what more can we ask for? Well really the round bales of hay just won’t do – I heard it from the animals that they don’t make a square meal.

  7. I came here from Jason because I was curious as to why he was reblogging a post that mentioned the Isle of Wight, where I’ve been living for a year now. Funnily enough, I thought I was already following you but clearly not. Well, I am now! Lovely photographs and commentary.

  8. The black and white photograph with winding, artistic trees and a stone wall with the couple was a beautiful photo. I liked this so much!
    The selfie reflection with Sir Robert was clever.

  9. I’ve been thinking of a post about MAMILs, though I hadn’t been provided with a name at that time.

    There should be a weight restriction on lycra wearers.

    Loved the champagne glass and the barn.

    Best scarecrow was the one of the reflected photographer taking a picture of the policeman …oh, sorry, my mistake. 🙂

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