On The Beach (3)


Jackie often points out potential subjects for photographs for which I take the credit. This morning she alerted me to an array of spiders’ webs on the decking.

Spiders' websSpiders' webs – Version 2

All that was picked up by the sunshine on this example was the lower half of the larger web. Jackie held back a few shadow-casting leaves and I bent a bit to include the lower construction. This is what we jointly produced.

This morning we drove over to Shelly and Ron’s with enough of Jackie’s exquisite chicken Jalfrezi and vegetable samosas to feed up to 40 people at Ron’s 70th birthday party tomorrow. I also gave them a couple of 10″ x 8″ prints from Shelly’s party last week.

Down to the beach

We continued on to Friar’s Cliff CafΓ© for brunch. naturally, I shot a few beach scenes.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iTCDWQXYlY&w=560&h=315]

Not that one.


Bicycles and beachDog on beachBeach scene 1Beach scene 4Beach scene 3Beach scene 2Beach scene 6Beach scene 7Beach scene 15Beach scene 14Beach scene 13Beach scene 12Beach scene 10Beach scene 11Ice creams at the beach hutsBeach scene 18Paddleboarder, jetskierPaddleboarderBeach scene 17Beach scene 16Beach scene 19Three girlsMobile phone readerBeach scene 20

Against the backdrop of the Isle of Wight and the Needles, we have water activities including kayaking, rowing, yachting, paddle boarding, jet skiing, swimming, and paddling. There is lounging in the sand soaking up the sun, sheltering under parasols and behind windbreaks, turning cartwheels, digging with buckets and spades, kicking beach balls; occupying beach huts, enjoying green ice creams, and, of course, employing the screens of mobile phones.

This evening we dined on fish fingers, chips, onion rings, and fried tomatoes. I finished the Cotes du Rhone and Jackie had imbibed her Hoegaarden on the patio beforehand.



  1. Your spiders’ webs are awesome, Derrick. I adore spiders. And I also love beach activities.
    Mo-hugs and kisses, dear Derrick <3

  2. Your beach scenes are more kiss me quick than kiss me slooooow as in From Here To …. but nonetheless hugely evocative. The jointly attained webs are magical.

    1. I thought those multiple webs were amazing , as well. I have a similar beauty outside my bedroom right now – but it is just one. Have never seen that multiple thing.

  3. What a beautiful web – I’ve not seen two co-joined like that before. It makes me wonder about the building process and if it were a single spider or two of ’em cooperating. No lounging about for the builder/s of that beauty! You two make a great partnership!

  4. That video was hilarious. I don’t have sound unless I put in earplugs – so without sound that was an extreme bout of overacting. Have never seen that movie – I know that is a famous scene – perhaps the sound is required for the full effect.

  5. Looks like an Australian day, if not for the Isle of Wight πŸ™‚ I love spider webs – yours are beautiful. So good of Jackie to cook for so many.

  6. Spider webs make for great pictures, especially when adorned with dewdrops. That is a quiet looking beach. I carefully read the long list of watersports you have compiled in the penultimate paragraph but couldn’t find kissing anywhere. I suspect if one stays long enough on a secluded beach, one may be rewarded with a clip such as the one you have embedded. You were kind enough to include the dog though in one of those happy pictures.

  7. They were fantastic spider’s webs. I still wonder just how they make them despite all the explanations on TV. Just imagine what a mess a human being would make if he were given two miles of string and told to make a web with it. (Spiderman would be OK of course)

  8. How is one supposed to calmly peruse your lovely photos after watching the Lancaster & Kerr romp? Lol. Thanks for making my morning in more ways than one. πŸ˜€

  9. On the Beach, a movie starring inter alia Fred Astaire, Ava Gardner, Made in the 50’s in Melbourne Victoria (as against Florida) Ava is supposed to have remarked that Melbourne was the perfect place to make a movie about the end of the world. Actually the remark was made by an SMH writer. Sydney/Melbourne rivalry

    Fred on the other hand, bought himself a racehorse. When he got back to the US, the bloke appointed to train said racehorse, cabled Fred, and asked him what he wanted to call his horse. Fred cabled back ” Anything” so the trainer did, the horse was named Anything. Took Fred literally.

  10. Someday I’ll get back over to the Isle of Wight.
    It’s only been 45 years … what’s a few more? πŸ™‚
    You’ve captured the joy that the beach offers.

  11. Love the spider webs! And beautiful pics of a glorious time at the beach!
    Excellent Derrick – as have been the last few posts. You do keep very full days and it’s nice to share them with you through your great photos! Thanks!

  12. The spider’s webs are delicate and so symmetrical. My grandchildren and I look for these at night, using flashlights to reflect on the silken weavings.
    I was on the beach with Micah and my brother Randy over the weekend. When one brother Rich and wife Susan took Micah to an amusement park, Randy and I went to sit out on a deck by a boat marina. A live band ? and air show with ✈ formations ? proceeded to keep and hold our attention.

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