Selfie With Sir Robert

CLOCK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. This afternoon we drove around the lanes to the east of the Forest. Our first port of call was the beach at Tanner’s Lane. A rowing boat lay among the rocks in the shallows. The water further out, fronting the Isle of Wight was blue, still, andContinue reading “Selfie With Sir Robert”


This afternoon I tackled sports. Now, please don’t imagine that that means my knee is miraculously fully recovered. I speak of reversion; not of myself, but of the horticultural variety. Variegated plants are generally selected from a sport, or mutation, of a pure green plant. The sport is then propagated by cuttings, grafting or division to retain itsContinue reading “Reversion”

Gore Tex

The promised rain arrived today. Aaron and Robin came to finish the rose garden paving, but the weather defeated them. I took a brief amble down to Roger’s field, where he has baled up his hay. This gloomy day demonstrates the value of sunlight in photography. There are always a few pigeon quills, fashioned inContinue reading “Gore Tex”