Jane Austin


New House painting

Like our ancient New Forest, New House at Redlynch is not exactly new. It is a splendid Jacobean Building, here painted by L. Webb in 1988.

Jackie and guests arriving at New House

Shelly, Jackie, Ron, Chris

It was the venue for Rachel and Gareth’s wedding which we attended today. Here are Jackie, Shelly, Ron, Anthony, Chris, and other guests gathering before

Jackie, Ron, Shelly, Anthony, Chris

ascending the entrance steps.


Drinks were offered in the hall. Donna was one of those inside.

Austin 12 1Guests admiring Austin 12Guest admiring Austin 12

The arrival of the sparkling Austin 12 was a rival to the ladies’ fascinators.

Richard and Austin 12 1

Richard has spent years renovating this wonderful representative of motoring’s early days.

Richard advertising Austin 12

This sheet explains its condition when he found it, now 20 years ago. It is one of two vintage cars available from Jane Austin Weddings (www.salisbury-wedding-cars.co.uk). Richard is currently restoring an Austin 7.

Hands and bouquet

After a most happy ceremony Rachel, with her bouquet,

Gareth and Ann S

and Gareth, with his buttonhole, mingled with the guests outside,

Austin 12 arrivingRachel and Gareth arriving in Austin 12RachelRachel and Gareth

before setting of to Barford Park Farm Barn in Downton for the reception.


Max was the youngest of the guests, who included

Ann S







and Olivia,

Ian 1Ian 2

who took these photos of Ian.

Derrick and Jackie 1Derrick and Jackie 2

Oh, and Jackie and me portrayed by Becky.

Hog roast serving 1

The wedding breakfast consisted of perfectly roasted hog and superb crackling served with fresh soft rolls, jacket potatoes and plentiful salad. A variety of ice cream flavours were a most suitable dessert. Red and white wines were on offer.


We were entertained by speeches from Bill, the bride’s father, and from Gareth himself and his best man.

Helen, Shelly, Ann S

Resplendent Helen, here with Shelly and Anne,

Bill and Ann S

and dapper Bill, with Anne, visited the tables.

We returned home, tired and content, soon after the music and dancing began.

77 thoughts on “Jane Austin

  1. You scrub up a darned sight better than Bill the brides father.

    There are a few bores I know that need to be devoured. unfortunately cannibalism is not allowed; I suppose we could feed them to the pigs.
    A sort of ‘ilkley moor bar t’at’

  2. A true portrait photographer will bring out the person behind the face of his subject. Those are wonderful folks in a vintage setting, not the least of which is the car.

  3. It looks like such a lovely wedding–venue, participants, and guests. I love the photos of you and Jackie.
    (Walking around a few blocks in Philadelphia yesterday in the late afternoon, we saw six wedding parties.)

  4. Weddings, weddingsβ€”I love them! I’ve never considered taking such close-ups of the guests (usually take whole-body ones), but what a wonderful idea! It really captures their mood, which is happy on this wedding day!

  5. Fabulous venue for a wedding, splendid automobile, beautiful flowers and outfits, a wonderfully happy bridal couple, and great photos of yourself and Jackie.

  6. The close ups were stunning – every one. I think I’d have liked to be placed at a table with Donna. And you made us wait for the bride – I had a fit when the first picture only showed her lovely dress. But the photos in the car made up for it – Just gorgeous.

  7. A beautiful bride and handsome groom, both look immensely, deliriously happy! What a wonderful potlrtrait of all of the events.
    The car’s story and reconditioning was extra special to add transportation. Thank you, Derrick. hugs to you and Jackie. You both look so content and well suited for each other. πŸ’•

  8. Thank for this lovely momento of our Rachel’s special day, Derrick. I’ve stored it for future reference and sent it as a link to all the folk who have asked me how it went!! xx

  9. A fairy tale….lovely and poking at all my romantic urgings. The bride and groom look marvelous but my favourite photos are the head shots. Each one you catch something in their eyes that goes beyond just a snapshop

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