Almost Blown Away


James, of Peacock Computers, visited to examine the iMac, and took it away to restore it to working order. In anticipation of the Apple’s removal, I had scanned a set of photographic prints from May 1993 onto the Windows laptop. We had also thought the weather would be bad this afternoon and I would be able to use these to illustrate today’s post. In the event, the sun shone and the winds were high enough, at more than 50 m.p.h. to suggest a trip into the forest. The 1993 set will appear tomorrow.

Cattle on hillside

A short distanceย  outside East End cattle grazed on a hillside that was topped by an oak tree sporting a car tyre.


The little falabella pony which

Ponies at poolside

sometimes joins its cousins outside St Leonard’s Grange,

Falabella pony


spent its time crossing from one side of the road to the other.

Ponies on road

Another just stayed in the road.

Ruin in silhouette

When we reached this point, one of the ruins of the granary was nicely silhouetted

Ruin before sunset

against the lowering sun, bestowing a sepia tone.


We continued along the road, intending to return for sunset. Pheasants chased each other across the lanes and the autumnal fields.

Ruin at sunset

On our return golden streaks stretched along the sky.


We took a diversion down Tanners Lane on our journey home. Those streaks had deepened over the Isle of Wight.


The winds pressed so strongly against the car door that it felt as if it was close to a wall. Just one other vehicle was parked in front of us. Perhaps it belonged to the windsurfer


who skimmed over the choppiest waves we have ever seen there,


constantly changing


direction, and almost blown away.

This evening we dined on Jackie;s gorgeously spicy chilli con carne, with her most savoury rice wearing an omelette jacket. She drank Hoegaarden and I drank Mendoza Parra Alta malbec 2016.



  1. I do think these are, as a group, some of my favorites, Derrick. I enjoyed greatly the two with the archway of stone. The windsurfer shots made me glad I wasn’t out there!— and that little pony is just interestingly eye catching. The very first is such a pastoral scene
    and the tree is mighty. What is that one? And is that a tire on the end of a branch or ??!

  2. I enjoyed the adventures of the two wind surfers, the favourite being the one with the camera. And I loved the silhouetted granary. Who could have carried the tyre up there? Was it a whirlwind, a ghost-ridden storm?

  3. The little pony is adorable. I wondered about the tire in the tree. There must be a story. . .
    Beautiful photos, Derrick. You really captured the action in the windsurfer photos–I could almost feel the cold wind and water–getting a bit seasick. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Derrick, I enjoyed so much of this post. Sorry to hear about your Imac. The ponies always are so cute. The water sports on the parasail were exciting!
    That photograph with the streaks of pretty sky which had the granary arch was very pretty!

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