Elemental Effects


This afternoon Jackie took me for a car ride in the forest.


So much rain has fallen in recent days that some of the roads are becoming waterlogged, making for bright reflections and spray from car wheels. A stream of traffic made its way to and from the East End Arms.


The forest floor does not drain well. Rippling pools lie on the surface.


The high winds have also been punishing. Loggers on the road approaching Beaulieu had been out early this morning cutting up a very large fallen tree and removing its limbs from the path of vehicles.


As we left Beaulieu on the road to Lyndhurst we passed a group of somewhat soggy ponies grazing on the verge beside another pool.

Woman with St Bernard 1

I was just thinking of turning back to the car when a fluffy object I took to be a St Bernard puppy was led past me and across the road. His name was Charles. I know this because he was warned to keep off me. Which was merciful. (LordBeari’s comment below correctly identifies Charlie as a Newfoundland)


No-one warned this pony off when it took it upon itself to cross over and follow me, breathing down my neck, quickening its pace before I managed to open and close the Modus passenger door with me inside.


Soon after this, clouds darkened once more, Jesus beams shone onto the moors, and heavy rain ensued.

This evening we all dined on Jackie’s excellent chicken jalfrezi; boiled egg korma; savoury rice; onion bahji’s; and vegetable samosas.



  1. Your wet landscape looks very different from our frozen one. Right now, the temp is -20 Celsius. (Clif just checked.) As always, I so enjoy seeing pictures of those horses. Hope the wind stops soon.

  2. reminds me – far too much – of the days of cross country runs… groan… give me a rugby ball and I’d run forever, but just running for running’s sake never appealed. Good to see the place still gets waterlogged as it always did. happy New year to you and Jackie!

  3. We were in Derbyshire a couple of days ago, and it was flooded there too, despite the hills. Looks like we’ve had a lot of water all over the country. The difference was that you took photos, I just muttered.


  4. Many thanks to you and Jackie for taking me to the forest with you, it was indeed watery and freezing. It was naughty of you to traumatise Charles but I can let your occasional mischiefs pass as long as you keep shooting great pictures.

  5. I’ve learned a new phrase: Jesus Beams! You must have a good camera for those to show up properly on film. I never manage it.

    You had a lucky escape from the pony!

  6. Isn’t it frightening to be chased? I love all animals, but once an overly aggressive squirrel chased me while I was jogging. He kept after me even after I yelled and threw my car keys at him. I actually wet my pants a bit, I was so scared. Thank goodness it wasn’t a pony that was after me. . .

  7. Such wonderful photos, Derrick. I wouldn’t want to drive through those water-logged roads, but they shimmer in your photos. I enjoyed your photos and comments on dogs and ponies–and the “Jesus beams.” 🙂

  8. I have learned a new term, “Jesus beams”. You have had quite a bit of rain.I always love these trips to the forest, no matter what the weather. Your pony follower must have been looking for a handout?

  9. Great shots Derrick. What happens to the fallen timber. Is it destroyed or taken away or do the local wood turners get a chance to take some away. I Ballarat any tree chopped down or fallen is cut up into manageable sizes and left for two or three weeks. It is then fair game for anyone. Unwritten rule is that it wont be used as firewood.

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