From High Noon To Sunset Strip

Sunset in pools


Just after midday, Jackie drove me to Sears Barbers at Milford on Sea for Peter to cut my hair.I am accustomed to barbers laying down their shears to answer the telephone, but today’s hiatus was brought about in a manner I not experienced before.

Peter’s next customer entered the salon with the announcement that “the parking police are out”. Peter dropped his scissors and rushed out of the door. Some time later, he returned, somewhat flushed. By the skin of his teeth he had moved his car just as it was about to receive a ticket. I had never seen a man with a bad back move so fast.

After the application of my barber’s artistry, I did my best to ruin it by taking on the best the high winds could throw at me on the cliff top. I have to say that I was so pummelled by the strongest gusts I have yet experienced, that neither I nor my camera could either remain stable or see what we were doing, as

I focussed on the sea below.

Sometimes the unsteadiness showed in the results.

Midday sun

Even this image of the midday sun and the shot of The Needles above were naturally virtually monochrome.

Walkers 1

Eventually I sought refuge in the car. One of three walkers along the path replied that he didn’t blame me when I announced that I had had enough.

Soon afterwards I was amused to see one of these adopting the same bracing stance that I had taken, as he, also, captured the moment.

We then took a turn round the forest. On a lane outside Bransgore, with the sun shining straight into my eyes, I had not seen the pony crossing immediately in front of us. Fortunately Jackie, whose view was shaded, had seen the animal and slowed down as it ambled on its way.

Dog walkers on lane

Round the next bend a couple walking their dog hastened to the verge.

We were a little too late to catch the sunset at Barton on Sea, however, we were rewarded by one


over Roger Cobb’s fields

Sunset in pools

which was reflected in the strip of potholes on the path between them.

This evening we dined on roast duck breasts and sweet potatoes; new potatoes and peas; with wonderful gravy, with which I drank more of the merlot.

Published by derrickjknight

I am an octogenarian enjoying rambling physically and photographing what I see, and rambling in my head as memories are triggered. I also ramble through a lifetime's photographs. In these later years much rambling is done in a car.

65 thoughts on “From High Noon To Sunset Strip

  1. Wow, sunset, potholes, raging surf!!! All great shots. Glad you weren’t blown away. That is some storm you all have been having. We’v one running up the coast here, too.

      1. We were on the very edge of it, so no snow to speak of, but lots of wind and bitter temperatures. So far the power is still on, thank goodness!

  2. The barber seems to have danced on the razor’s edge, and you, sir, seem to have done the same with the elements on the seashore. The strip of potholes has been bestowed a rare grace by your artistry.

  3. There’s a certain attraction of strong winds and rough seas that we all find fascinating, thanks for braving the elements and giving us your wondrous photos.

  4. Wow beautiful photos..We’re in the road for 4 months adventuring and taking photos is were starting to paint it..So awesome when I see such awe AMAZING beauty all around and people investing in there heart the silence and precious gifts of nature.

  5. You and Jackie had an interesting day! I got a feel for your weather in those photos. I have been out in wind like that too, and know how unsteady it can make one feel. The sundown was lovely too.

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