Nearly Done


Light from light catcher

As I read the posts I follow this morning, it seemed as if Pauline came to visit me. There is an open door to the kitchen beside my desk. There on the floor was a delightful play of light that could only have come from

Light catcher

Β her light catcher hanging in the window at the far end.

Plates, glasses, etc.

Maybe she was encouraging me to get on with packing up more of the kitchen equipment. The contents of a set of IKEA shelving

Glasses cupboard

standing beside the Chinese glassware cabinet, were eventually laid out on the dining table.

Plates and glasses in library

Jackie and I carried the shelves into the Library and stacked their plates and glasses back inside them. The welcome mat used to hold the container level was Ian’s idea of a joke.

Aaron spent the morning painting some of our garden furniture, then took away the dishwasher and oven we have given him.

After lunch, which we took in the sitting room, I carried the plates and cutlery into the kitchen in order to feed them to the dishwasher.

Ah. We haven’t got one any more.

Kitchen glasses cabinet

During half-time and after the final whistle in the Scotland versus France rugby match, I set about unloading the contents of the glass cabinet. I had no idea how well stocked it was.

These chargers, and a selection of vases, were on top of it. I had decanted these plates and the contents onto the table and the now clear culinary work area. There was nowhere near enough room on the table alone.

Another set of IKEA shelving and the shelf over the old fireplace held all the herbs and spices. Because the extractor fan doesn’t work these containers, despite regular cleaning by Jackie, were a little tacky. When Jackie and I had finished transporting all this to the Library we decided to call it a day. We are, after all, almost done.

This evening we dined on Hordle Chinese Take Away fare with which I drank more of the Madiran and Jackie. The food was consumed direct from the containers “on us knees in front of us telly”.


  1. Just pretend you’re on a camping trip during the temporary disruption. Put a nice blanket on the floor and have a picnic. Soon your imaginary camping trip will be over and you’ll be able to unpack again and be back home at last! Gary

  2. I had forgotten how intensive the kitchen-packing and wrapping can be, Derrick, till we moved. My goodness! Love your cupboard, the Asian-looking plates and that great sign on the welcome mat.

  3. That’s a lot of work Derrick. sometimes when we are reorganizing , we see the items have accumulated over time. You have lovely cutlery on your shelves.

  4. I said, “I recognize that rainbow anywhere,” and sure enough!!! Love it!
    Also, I had to chuckle at the decanting of the plates.

  5. It’s always great to see the rainbows Derrick, thanks for sharing πŸ˜€ My goodness you do have a well stocked kitchen – moving everything for whatever reason is always a good opportunity for sorting and discovering and changing things up. What fun! I’m guessing takeaways and dinners out might be a major dining choice for a week or two?

    1. Pauline, I enjoyed the beauty of your dancing rainbows upon Derrick and Jackie’s dining area! ? ? A lovely way to add light and colors to a setting. Your art creations of crystals and charms make such a transformation.

  6. I think the simple lines Ikea will bring a great setting for such beautiful and decorative items. Jackie and you are doing marvelous work in your transition stage. Smiles, Robin ?

  7. It’s in moments such as these that we become aware of an entire civilisation of porcelain flourishing in the recesses of shelves β€”foot soldiers, archers, cavalry, infantry and generals. You have captured the feeling well. Nice of you to remember a blogging friend through a wee glimmer on the floor.

  8. Pauline’s light catcher is lovely. I chuckled at your “feeding” plates to the [nonexistent] dishwasher.
    It is quite a job to move all of these dishes.

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