Birthday Celebrations


There can’t be many lovely ladies who begin their 70th Birthday celebrations by cleaning up their husband and deliver his ‘shiny morning face creeping like snail’ to a Practice Nurse for removal of metal clips from his knee. That, I am pleased to say, was what Jackie did this morning. She managed to manoeuvre me into the car and drive me to Wistaria GP practice in Lymigton, where I was seen on time. Nurse Libby carefully removed the alien items, pronounced the wound healed, and stated that I was doing very well. This was something of a surprise, given that I don’t actually feel very far progressed. I have to remember that it is only two weeks since the surgery.

Since we were already out in the wide world, we decided to defer prising me from the Modus and take a short diversionary trip home.

Β On the misty, muggy, moors, families of ponies and a few cattle were kind enough to adopt posing positions at Shirley Holms and Sway, enabling me to record their presence photographically by poking my lens through the open window.

It was, as always, enjoyable to have Richard pay a passing visit at lunchtime. We may have to postpone the planned curry evening next week with him and Marianne.

This afternoon Shelly and Ron visited with a birthday present. Jackie opened both this and one Helen had left on Tuesday. Two very welcome items for the garden.

Andrew Petcher having posted that today is official fish and chip day provided us with the ideal completion of Jackie’s idiosyncratic birthday celebrations. We dined on Mr Pink’s fish and chips with Garner’s pickled onions


  1. Happy Birthday Jackie! Well done Derrick out of the house in just two weeks! It takes a while to recover doesn’t it! My daughter is still a bit hobbly-wobbly after six months and she’s a spring chicken!

  2. Almost belated Happy Birthday, Jackie. I’ll get it right next year! Sounds like you’re doing a great job looking after Derrick. Xx

  3. Happy Birthday Jackie, and Bravo Derrick, oh I know I’d want to be sitting in the recliner longer being fussed over. Sounds like a great birthday–

  4. Not a bad day, all considered. Jackie can’t possibly be 70! She certainly doesn’t look it. All my best wishes to the birthday girl ?????

  5. A very happy birthday to Jackie!!!! Perhaps another birthday celebration will be in order when you are feeling better?

  6. Happy birthday to Jackie! And thanks for relaying the good news about your healing. Undoubtedly, even four months from now, this will seem very early days.

  7. Only 2 weeks? Seems like it’s been going on the last 2 years!
    That Jackie needs a medal at the very least and a DBE if there’s any justice in this world >
    Wish I’d have known it was Chish & Fips day I’d have joinned in :'(

      1. One thing the English are supreme at when it comes to food. Fish & Chips, They have the knack, which is something that has always eluded me. I can’t make decent chips. Fish? Superb; says me modestly, but whats the use of luverly fish with lousy chips?

  8. Awww. please wish Jackie a happy birthday from across the big pond. Why at 70 she’s just a whippersnapper. The healing procwess will take time but you’ll be up and goind soon enough and your brand new knee will make it so much enjoyable to do so. So glad it is healing well and I pray that it continue to do so. Love and hugs, Natalie πŸ™‚ <3 xoxoxo

  9. Wish the best to the birthday girl! She reminds me of our deity Krishna who chose to be the charioteer of the ace archer Arjuna. It is great to hear of the well being of your bionic knee, and witness photos of interesting trees and carefree ponies.

  10. Happy Birthday, Jackie. Must be a lovely present to know that all’s well with Derrick’s knee. He’s given fresh meaning to drive-by shootings. πŸ™‚

  11. A big happy birthday to Jackie!!! I’m sure she doesn’t mind taking good care of you. Love these pics of pony babies. (What do you call pony babies?)

  12. Happy Birthday to Jackie!!! I hope she has a wonderful day of celebration! I’m sure her best gift was having you at home so she can take care of you. (I felt that way after my husband had surgery.)
    The photo are so precious and beautiful…as are those ponies! πŸ™‚
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

  13. My dad spent much of his most recent birthday in Grantham hospital where the staff were trying to persuade my mum to start taking her high blood pressure tablets. We made up for it the following week with a trip to a delightful restaurant nowhere near the hospital.

    Belated happy birthday to Jackie and good to hear you are making progress!

  14. Happy to hear that you’re progressing well. Looking forward to see you dancing with Jackie in the garden soon!!
    Love to see that Springtime had produced some cute fowls. We’ll get to see them mature during your many travels.

  15. Happy Birthday weekend, Jackie! And congratulations to you Derrick for getting those foreign objects removed. Heal on! I loved the foals of course. πŸ™‚

  16. Happy belated Birthday to Jackie! Good to hear you have progressed since your operation, and the photographer in you is busy and full of curiosity, as always.

  17. Happiest of Happy Birthday days to Jackie and many happy returns. Most of all I wish you a year to come full of joy and delight and sprinkled with wishes come true (and a husband with two working knees ?)

  18. Oh dear! I’m like the Rabbit looking at his pocket watch in Alice’s dreams. . .
    I’m late, I’m late for a very important date:

    ? Happy, joyful birthday, dear Jackie! ?

    I hope saying Happy Birthday to the special woman who is both the Head Cook and Best Gardener a day late will suffice. . .
    I just have had my energy drained and my spirit whipped with the change from 4 ten hour days to 5! I put in 93 hours this past two weeks. . . Just not sure whether I could give up blogging yet.
    Glad the two weeks flew by and Staples removed. Take care, Derrick.

  19. I should be able to replace my mistake but no editing out this one!
    Please tell Jackie instead of calling her Head Cook, I should have said the Culinary Queen! ? Hugs to you both!

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