My Second Nonagenarian Visitor


On a lightly overcast afternoon Jackie, plonking Mum’s stool to order, followed me on a short perch-hopping spree in the garden. I enjoyed two vantage points in the patio, one at the head of the Brick Path, and one beside the Westbrook Arbour.

In the meantime Jackie enjoyed herself planting.

Here are some of the corners on which I focussed. The two new wooden chairs on the decking were intended to replaced a collapsed wickerwork model which was destined for the dump. In the event, Jackie was unable to part with it and planted it up as seen in the third picture in the gallery.


Soon afterwards, Mum,


driven by Jacqueline,

was the second nonagenarian to visit in two days. We spent several hours reminiscing and swapping medical notes and experiences.

This evening, for the two of us, Jackie fetched a takeaway meal from Forest Tandoori in Pennington. We started with excellent prawn puris. My enjoyable main course was prawn jalfrezi; Jackie’s was chicken sag.


  1. Beautiful flowers, beautiful smiling faces. You are surrounded by beauty.

      1. My first name is Gael. Gizzy comes from my maiden name–Gisvold. Just call me Gael but don’t call me late for dinner…..

  2. I had spotted the chair as plant holder and my heart had done a little leap at the happiness aspect of it – a bit like us, a chair may be older and a bit on the tatty side but might still be bedecked with flowers and made beautiful now and again! I guess once you all sat around talking about the races you had run and the dances you had danced and now its all operations and recovery rates 🙂 You got some great photos again today Derrick, not least the ones of the beautiful smiles of your family!

    1. So glad you liked the chair, I loved that chair, we got it for £5 from the dump 2 years ago, but this year when I sat on it the seat collapsed! (note to self to lose weight) . All the work that has gone into making that chair I thought it deserved a ‘Last Hurrah’.

  3. Derrick and Jackie, your garden is stunning. Love the quirky little things: the hat planter and chair planter, and all the lovely arrangements. Everything is so artfully done. The photo of Jackie smiling may be the best ever!

  4. Jackie upstaged all the flowers in the garden. Upholstering the old chair with plants is a brilliant idea. You are a lucky boy to have your mum.

  5. The garden is stunning–and so is Jackie. She has a smile that certainly can light up a room!
    It’s nice your mom was able to come for a visit.

  6. Such delicious photos. If I bring my own perch can I go perch hopping with you?! Loved seeing the photo of your mum. Have a wonderful weekend dear Derrick! 🙂 <3 xo

  7. Pictures 14 and 15 have the looks of a painting. You seem to have taken after your mom in spiritedness and perseverance.
    PS: I might miss joining the comments for the next ten days or so. I will be traveling and may have no Internet.

  8. What beautiful flowers AND beautiful ladies you have in your life, Derrick! You are a lucky fellow! 🙂

    🙂 How wonderful that your Mum is able to spend time with you! (I miss my mum and my daddy…both passed already. 🙁 )

    Continued wishes for healing and recovery!
    HUGS for you and all the ladies in your life!!! 🙂

      1. Aw. 🙁 She has been a widow a long time. 🙁

        My Daddy died quite a long time ago now, at age 82 from cancer. My mom passed a few years ago, at age 97. So she outlived him a long while, too.
        Oh…I am their “baby” of 8 kids. 🙂

  9. Beautiful flowers. Enjoy the times with your mother. My dad is on the way of reaching that age as he is turning 86 this year.

  10. Such a lovely photo of the smiling Jackie. And I’m so pleased that she gave the chair a reprieve. It still has a place in the story 🙂

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