Playing Cat And Mouse


Until late afternoon I rather dozed the time away today. Jackie then drove me to the north of the forest and back. I was able to swing my left leg into the car without falling foul of the bottom of the passenger door.

As we approached Ibsley we were held up by ponies blocking the road. The first of these photographs was taken through the windscreen. Jackie wasn’t really able to manoeuvre the car into a position for me to use my passenger seat window, so I nipped onto the verge to take the second shot.

Knowing that these animals were likely to cross the now dry ford, we decided to position ourselves ahead for them and wait for their arrival. The first of these images was made while standing beside the car; the second, after I had settled back inside, through the driver’s window.

We crossed the ford ahead of the ponies, and waited. And waited. And waited some more. The creatures remained beside the bank of the stream. Once more I disembarked and advanced on the horses with the aid of my crutch. Giving me just time enough to reach the other bank, the beasts, en masse, rounded the corner, crossed the ford, and  surrounded the car. By the time I reached it they were wandering into the shade. They may not have known that we were playing cat and mouse, but they won anyway.

A little further along the road a pale ochre cow, as if in a rugby ruck, picked its way over a heap of prone players before settling down to chew the cud. Jackie had positioned the car suitable for me to take these through my own window.

Donkeys on the road at Hyde were unusually frisky. I took the first of these pictures  through the windscreen, the other two through Jackie’s open window.

The pond at Abbots Well is looking quite dry, but it still attracted cattle for a drink. Two calves, like any other pair of playful infants, bounded round to the far side of the water before slaking their thirst on their own.

We dined this evening on beef burgers, fried onions, creamy mashed potato, crunchy carrots, and cabbage, with tasty gravy.



  1. I’ve come to so look forward to your traveling photos, Derrick! And as always I appreciate Jackie playing chauffeur to accommodate!

  2. Love the pics of the horses and cciws Interesting prelude to my next post where i focus on my bonding with farm animals. Hope to develop and post tonight ior tomorrow after i recover a bit from today’s medical procedure.

  3. You clearly love all the critters near your home–and likely elsewhere. Were you an equestrian of sorts? Have you kept other animals? Dogs or cats? It is always fun to see them romp and go about their own business. Excellent shots, as ever.

    1. Many thanks, Cynthia. Not an equestrian, nor really a pet lover, but we have taken in two rescue dogs and a cat over the years. I prefer animals free, although I can understand the relationships others have with especially their dogs.

  4. I think the ponies, knowing you had ‘nipped’ out of the car to get a shot or two, decided to give you a bit more opportunity for exercise and had to wait patiently for you to get into position so they could move toward the car. They’ll have you bounding about enthusiastically in no time at all 🙂

      1. I hear it hurts, but be sure to diligently do your prescribed exercises, despite the pain. One of my relatives didn’t, and his knee never fully healed. So, he nagged his wife to be very conscientious about doing hers. She healed much better. Good luck to you, and speedy recovery!

  5. It’s great to see the Horses roaming free without restraint, our Government wants to cull our wild Brumbies in the snow covered high country here, blaming the damage they do to the Flora and Fauna.
    Has Jackie got any tips on cooking Cabbage, mine always turns out soggy, bland and no damn taste ??

  6. Swinging and nipping … all suggesting that you’re continuing to make progress, Derrick 🙂 I hope that’s the case!

  7. Splendid photos, Derrick. I particularly like the black and white (or without much color) photo of the two ponies–and the cows piled up together made me laugh.
    It sounds like you are getting about much better now.

  8. Ponies on the move! Beautiful creatures. Sounds like your knee—and hence your mobility—is improving by leaps and bounds. Well, maybe not leaps and bounds, but you do seem to be getting around more easily.

  9. I liked reading the word ‘nipped’! I am beginning to think your mobility is improving somewhat! I enjoyed all these animal photos but especially the cattle in the water.

  10. More cow bums! 😀 … that pain when you bump into something, is excruciating. My eyes watered just reading that you DIDN’T do it this time. 😀

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