Jackie’s Post

Sparrow with beakful


“The only time I can hear birdsong is when I’m sitting on the loo”.

When Jackie, delivering this sentence yesterday to her sisters in Milford’s Polly’s Pantry, became aware that she had raised her voice – as she told me this morning – she had hoped other customers had not heard this taken out of context. Having been beset by building works on one side of our garden and hedge-cutting on the other, that,  opening statement was indeed true. This is because baby sparrows in the nest in our extractor fan are currently clamouring for the food parents are bringing home. Even while the fan is operating, a clunk, as the meals on wings arrive, is followed by intense tweets that would put Mr Trump to shame. Two adults proceed in non-stop convoy throughout the day.

When we first arrived here four years ago the front garden trellis bore quite weedy specimens of pink and red rambling roses, clematises and honeysuckle. Heavy pruning and nurturing has resulted in a splendid floral wall. The roses, in particular, shelter the entrance to the nest from view.

As always, the birds do not fly straight to the nest, but perch somewhere nearby to recce the surroundings before diving in. Our foraging parents choose first to alight on the trellis foliage. This morning, Jackie watched the proceedings through the hall window and photographed the birds transporting wriggling beakfuls of juicy breakfast.

Now, I may have put all this together and added my twopenn’orth, but this is quite clearly Jackie’s post.

This evening we dined on beef burgers, onions, carrots, cabbage, and mashed potato with tasty gravy.

Published by derrickjknight

I am an octogenarian enjoying rambling physically and photographing what I see, and rambling in my head as memories are triggered. I also ramble through a lifetime's photographs. In these later years much rambling is done in a car.

74 thoughts on “Jackie’s Post

  1. That opening line made me snort quite undecorously with laughter! Jackies Sparrows are gorgeous. There cousins across the pond are doing just the same in our ‘yard’ but I haven’t managed to capture near such brilliant images. Hey ho …. — like our garden – I aspire!

  2. Wonderful photos by Jackie–though I did like “is followed by intense tweets that would put Mr Trump to shame.” I much prefer the avian type and try to ignore the other. I would like to have seen the people’s reaction to Jackie’s remark. 🙂

  3. Such a wonderful post, but then Derrick all of your posts are.. Sparrows are amazing little birds and we have many too.. Two nesting pairs one under the slate of our roof, And two nesting blackbirds whose chicks have recently fledged..
    Love this time of Year 🙂

  4. It’s blue tits and great tits in our garden. You are very lucky to have such a declining species as sparrows. We’ve seen only one in the last year or so.

    1. I’ve seen this, too; I think different birds have different strategies. Our little wrens will feed their babies right in front of me – but the mockingbirds are so protective of the nest. If I am anywhere near, they will dilly dally about with the food in their mouth until they see me look away (seriously!) and they will be gone – feeding their babes in the nest I will never be able to find.

      1. That is fascinating. We take our little friends for granted, but they are living breathing creatures with their own way of doing things. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences. Appreciate it. Have a good evening,

      2. When living in Newark in Nottinghamshire, I had a brick built shed that I visited daily. As I entered I passed head to head a wren sitting on its nest.

  5. Luckily for me the coffee cup had been emptied and put down as I got to this post – there might have been a bit of a mess other wise! I’m glad you went on to explain that opening remark Derrick. Great photo of the bird with breakfast for the brood Jackie! I hope the building noise is over and done with soon and someone nice and quiet moves in next door!

  6. Excellent photography, Jackie – I think birds, especially, are very hard to photograph. You did a great job and I love that you watch their behavior like a scientist.

  7. I was listening to birds last night–likely a couple crazy mockingbirds, which can get going at 1 AM and make me wonder if there’s a nightingale out there. I love the story and the pictures. And the fact that you made me laugh with that crack about putting our … um … leader to shame.

  8. Good job, Jackie! Wonderful time of year with so many birds out and about feeding their families. As far as I can tell, Mr. Trump has no shame.

  9. I’m hearing such beautiful birdsong in North America and then being surprised to discover it is a sparrow which is a rather ordinary bird in my part of the world. Jackie has done an amazing job on documenting their activities .

  10. Wonderful job, Jackie! You gave me a smile, a giggle, and such beauty to enjoy! Thank you! I love the birds and the flowers! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…I often hear the birdsongs when I’m trying to go to sleep. 🙂

  11. Lovely post, Derrick and Jackie! I love the photos of the sparrow with its beak full of food and the roses and clematis are beautiful! We have sparrows nesting under the tiles of our roof and we feel very lucky to have them.

    1. Thank you very much. I don’t normally participate in these, Laleh, because I already spend a great deal of time writing my own posts, responding to comments, and reading those I follow. However, as it’s you……. But the link just takes me to Stu’s post. How do I get to yours?

      1. Thanks dearest Derrick, don’t worry about it. I know it really takes a lot of time. I personally get nominated and never continue 😂but this one was like a game.
        I followed that link and had to write all questions myself. Lol it’s a handful, you don’t have to do it.❤️

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