A Matter Of Scale


In ‘What’s In The Folds?’ I featured an introduction to Solent Grange. We returned to the site this morning to develop the theme in better light.


The cyclists ahead of us on the lane from Keyhaven give an indication of the narrowness of the Solent Way where the development is situated;

Van and pillars

the small van in this picture has just passed the totally over the top entrance,

which, although beautifully crafted with skilled brickwork and well moulded statuary, is far too large for its position.

Further scale is provided by this couple walking their dogs. We chatted for a while. Their view of the pretentiousness of these structures was similar to mine. The woman had had a knee replacement a year ago and was very well now. The further sets of pillars to the right are those that on the day of our last visit bore a pair of white lions equal in stature to the sculptures on either side of the entrance which, according to the developers, is to be gated.

https://www.royalelife.com/milford-view describes ‘Solent Grange by Royale [a]s a fabulously-located luxury bungalow development for the over 45’s.

Later this afternoon we took to the forest. On such a hot day, ponies, like these just outside Brockenhurst, cluster for shelter beneath trees. Foals tend to lie sprawled panting on the grass. It was Jackie who noticed that in this group it was the grey, happy to cast a shadow, that didn’t mind the sun.

In a garden across a green some distance from the road at East Boldre can be seen a rather spectacular verdigris coated sculptured fountain devoid of water. Given the surrounding space the proportions do not offend. It is, perhaps, all a matter of scale.

My choice of Tesco prepared meals this evening was beef lasagna. Jackie, who also provided good helpings of fresh salad, chose ham and mushroom tagliatelle







  1. ‘Tacky’ is the word that springs to my mind – but I may be being judgmental ……. Pseudo-Grecian affairs like this often are. The scale is all wrong any way – the pillars and statuary are supposed to be much larger than life, these look stunted – and it’s all downhill from there. I wonder how the 45 year olds like being given their own category within this interesting advertising spectacle 🙂

  2. I must say, I do like the verdigris fountain so much more than the colonnaded entrance to the over 45’s luxury gated community…. a tad pretentious.
    x ⛲ x

  3. I agree with Pauline–though I do like the fountain.
    I don’t think I’ve seen a community here for over 45. It’s usually over 55, or 65.
    45 makes me think of a certain orange-hued politician who is also tacky. . . 😉

  4. I do love seeing fountains!

    And doggies! And horses! I feel sorry for all animals in the heat. Hope they can find enough water and shade.

    I’ve never heard of an over 45 community. Here you have to be at least 60 to find such a place. Maybe people retiring MUCH earlier these days.

    I bet is was nice to chat with someone who had knee replacement and is doing well.
    Continued best healing-wishes for you, Derrick!
    HUGS for you and Jackie!!! 🙂

    1. Many thanks from us both, Carolyn. It is the first over 45 I’ve seen. Perhaps it is a euphemism for ‘no children’. I doubt that many retirees could afford to live there. You are right. The chat was encouraging

  5. Obviously the people who own those gates taste is all in their mouths, perhaps you should invite them over for dinner, to taste some of the Culinary Queens delights, and then to set them straight, on their silly gate.

  6. I am not sure what kind of ambience the designers of this place have in mind. Meanwhile, the foals sprawling on the grass don’t seem to mind the machinations of the bipeds.

      1. I sent it to the processing shop who said they couldn’t download the attachment. Now I am planning to get many shots printed, so it’s sure to come home.

  7. I am left wondering why there should be a need for double yellow lines, surely no one would be so foolish as to park there? The fountain looks as though it should be at the Palace of Versailles!

    1. Thanks a lot for both observations, Andrew. Most traffic instructions seem to be the result of someone having done just that. The speed limit on that lane is 40 m.p.h.!!

  8. If they must put statuary like that on their front gate they ought to at least have had the courage to make ’em five or six meters high! 😀

  9. The Royale housing developments seem quite scary! Totally manicured and no children or young adults allowed…. Glad the ponies continued to entertain and you found some proportionate muses to admire.

  10. It might be a matter of scale, but I’ll take those ponies any day over Solent Grange. (All I can think of is Solyent Green.) Say, you don’t suppose all that pomp is designed to cover a sinister plot, do you? 😉

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