Snatching Snoozes


In ‘The Card Case’, I spoke of the client who had no money to pay my fee, but brought me the occasional small gift, all of which I have treasured for almost 30 years. I am not a science fiction fan, so I have not read many of his paperback books. One of these is Poul Anderson’s ‘The Makeshift Rocket’. I finished this short novel this morning. It was a surprisingly entertaining work. Light-hearted, with a touch of dry humour, once I had ceased trying to decipher the author’s attempts at reproducing Danish and Irish spoken English, I enjoyed the book.

Afterwards I photographed garden views from upstairs windows and from the stable doorway.

Having decided to reduce the codeine element in my pain relief, I struggled a bit today. On the other hand it may have been the amount of walking on uneven terrain I undertook yesterday. Consequently I spent the afternoon alternately dozing over snatches of World Cup football and having brief forays into the garden.

Lily, marigolds etc

A new day lily has forced its way through the soil to join the marigolds beside the greenhouse.

Palm Bed to eucalyptus

Geranium palmatums lead us past more day lilies in the Palm Bed to the eucalyptus and beyond.

Cosmoses, geraniums, violas

Urns, like this stone one Jackie has planted up at the end of the Brick Path,

Garden view from Shady Path to kitchen window

and the pottery one standing on the filled in well, counteract what she call “The June Gap”, when there is not normally much colour around.

The hanging baskets on the kitchen wall and the two clematises in pots on the corner serve the same purpose.

Rose Ballerina dances in the bed beside the entrance to the Rose Garden,

Rosa Gallica and Mama Mia

where such as Rosa Gallica and Mama Mia continue to splash their colour.


Hydrangea Swinging Sixties is another plant in a pot,

Linaria and valerian

opposite which Linaria and Valerian vie for space in the Oval Bed.

My final trip up the garden was via the Phantom Path to join Jackie taking a break on the decking. There I passed the Cryptomeria Bed with its clematis, geranium palmatums, and hot lips; a penstemon in Margery’s Bed; a planted pot on the corner of the Gazebo Path; and Florence sculpture with her basket of bacopa.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s delicious chicken jalfrezi and splendid special fried rice. She drank Hoegaarden and I didn’t.




  1. Being as I have little space to plant, I have had to finally curb my planet buying! I finished putting in a hibiscus, re-planting a mimosa and filling two hanging pots with Evening Star Superbells. I’m officially OUT OF ROOM! I envy the space you have for such a wide variety of blooms!

  2. Derrick, you garden is a pure delight, so much colour and beauty as seen in your photos. I am sure that it is a great solace to you and your loved ones.

  3. I love all the spots of color in your beautiful garden. I’m sorry that you struggled some today, but all in all in sounds like you had a pleasant day.

    1. Many thanks, Pauline – and especially for your card. I wasn’t sure whether it would be get well or birthday so opened it and it turned out to be both – and containing hand-crafted originals XX

  4. Another charming walk around the garden with you Derrick. Everything looks bounteous and full of sunshine.

  5. Lovely shots, Derrick. Good for you – trying to ratchet back on the pain meds, as long as it doesn’t cause you to work less on your therapy. Hang in there!

  6. I am glad it was codeine you are giving up. I mis-read it as caffeine and thought the end of the world was nigh. But a wander through the garden would have lifted your soul.

  7. I savoured the melodius descriptions of the images brimming full with flowers. One of these days I need to sit down and discover what all I have missed.

  8. Your garden is vibrant with color and life!!! I bet it is sweet-smelling, too! And it brings joy and smiles! Thank you for sharing it with us in photos! 🙂

    Marigolds bring back a childhood memory for me.

    Continued healing wishes sent your way!
    HUGS!!! for you and Jackie!!! 🙂
    PS…you and Jackie must have green thumbs AND green big toes! 😉 😀

    1. Lovely comments, as always, Carolyn. The Rose Garden in particular is most fragrant. Starting from scratch we were able to select roses for that very quality. Thanks from us both

  9. I’m glad you made it outside, although I hope you didn’t push your knee too much. Good idea to reduce the codeine, if you can.

  10. Colorful blooms, that day lily is really lovely. I love the combination of plants in your urns. Gosh, it’s the first time I’ve seen a red hydrangea.

  11. I know it is a real struggle reducing the painkillers but as you know, codeine is not a drug to take long-term so you are doing the right thing. Hope you are feeling a little better now. The garden looks absolutely glorious!

  12. Thanks for the tour, Derrick. I hope it’s as therapeutic for you as it is for me. I recently posted a story about gardening. I hope you read it, ‘The Planting’. By the way, are you bothered by mosquitoes in the evening garden walks?

  13. Looking at your garden is sheer delight. A beautiful way to start the day. Many, many thanks as it has been an ugly couple of weeks across the pond. Also, such a wonderful story about the client who brought little gifts in lieu of payment. Generosity all around. Very heartening.

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