Russell Is Definitely Imprinted On Jackie


I was first in the garden this morning. I wanted to check on our crow.

Hebe in Dragon Bed

This is a good year for hebes, as exemplified by this one in the Dragon Bed, where the crow was not.

Beside Shady Path

Our avian visitor was not along the Shady Path.

Brick Path

He was neither to be seen on the Brick Path;

nor in the Rose Garden, with its poppies and carpet roses, including the white, scented, Kent;

nor anywhere near the New Bed sporting clematises and erigerons.

Day lilies and geranium palmatums

The day lilies and geranium palmatums at the south end

Phlox Blue Paradise

and the phlox in the West Bed all reported his absence.


Silly me. I should have begun my search nearer the house. There he was, foraging among the paving stones. He was so keen to follow me about

that it took me a while before I could gain sufficient distance to focus on him with a long lens.

He remained firmly on the ground, so I didn’t feel he thought I was his Dad.

This all changed when his mother came out. He was on her in an instant.

No longer was it funny. Not wanting to be pecked again in the young bird’s effort to provoke her into regurgitating food for him, Jackie shoved him off and rushed inside. He followed her in and resumed his onslaught. The same thing happened when she went outside again.

The creature is definitely imprinted on Jackie. Perhaps fortuitously, Shelly, a little later, arrived to take her sister off to Somerset for the annual three day camping trip the three sisters share. We will see what effect the absence will have on Russell.

Russell? Well what else should we call him?

This afternoon I watched the momentous World Cup football match between Germany and S. Korea. After this, Becky arrived to take over administering to her Aged P while her mother is away. This will be the first time ever we have had a few days on our own.

We dined on Hordle Chinese Take Away fare.



  1. Oh my, Russel Crowe…hilarious…hope he does well in Jackie’s absence. He is quite a handsome fellow.

  2. Perfect name for him, of course. He must have been someone’s pet prior to arriving at yours, how else could he be so tame?

  3. Ha-ha! Delighted – what else could the name be …. I’m ashamed I didn’t think of it – after all he does belong to us, not that other lot who claim him πŸ˜€ But now that his second mama has also abandoned him what will become of poor Russell? Alas poor Russell ……….

  4. Russell Crowe–oh, you are clever, Derrick! So funny!
    I never would have come up with that.
    Poor Russell. I hope he’s OK. Jackie may be responsible for him forever now.
    Wonderful photos, as always.

  5. Russell Crow! HA! Great name!!! πŸ˜€
    Does he sing in a band called “30 Odd Foot of Grunts”…er…ah…uh…I meant “30 Odd Foot of Caws”??? πŸ˜› Has he starred in any movies like “A Beautiful Crow” or “Crow Hood” or “L.A. Crow-fidential”. ???
    Oh, he will miss his Mama Jackie!!! πŸ™ With a garden like that and a Mama to love him, he will never leave!
    HUGS!!! and enjoy your days with your daughter! πŸ™‚

  6. Those blue eyes of Russell’s make me think he might be a Jackdaw (unless young crows also have blue eyes). Perhaps, if Russell continues to be just as keen on Jackie when she returns you might need to contact the RSPB or the local vet to see what should be done. Jackie mustn’t feel trapped indoors away from her garden!

    1. Thanks very much for the careful reading and perceptive comments, Clare. We do have jackdaws, so I looked him up. Young crows do have blue eyes. He still has the yellow trim to his beak. I guess we will know for sure in time. The RSPB suggestion is a good one.

  7. I was working this morning when the football game was on. I couldn’t believe the outcome when the wife of one of the bakers called to let him know that Germany had lost. Yikes! So much for my pool chances. I had them going all the way and winning again.

  8. I hope Russell calms down. I can understand how imprinting would be good for the survival of baby birds, but surely they grow up and move on. Russell might need some therapy.

  9. So the Head Gardener is being ushered into Aviculture too! In Hindu mythology, such visitors are deemed to be friends and family from previous lives. Three cheers for Mr Russel Crowe!!

  10. So much for taking a few fun pictures, now you have gained a family member. Maybe he will fly the coup with Jackie away. That game was very disappointing – especially at our house where my German husband is still stunned. It looked like Germany just didn’t have any fire in their belly.

    1. Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. ~Marcel Proust

  11. Russell makes for a funny post, but I’m sure Jackie isn’t exactly laughing as she gets pecked!! Perhaps she should make an area for feeding the little guy, like a bowl of seeds mixed with worms and bugs?

  12. I hope three days away will encourage Russell to be more independent. If not, a big hat? A squirt with a water bottle? The latter works with cats and bad behavior. Also, have a wonderful time with your daughter. Time spent alone with adult children is rare and always a treat, even if it’s because of surgery.

  13. Poor Russell Crow (ha ha) without its avian mom and yet still poorer has been Jackie’s neck! I’m glad she got away, sounds fun! And how lovely you get a daughter to visit and coming along to watch over things. How IS it all healing? Your photos and home spaces are glorious as ever.

  14. Awesome photos, Derrick – that first one could be a painting.

    I laughed as soon as I saw the title – I knew it must be about the “Crowe.”

    Enjoy your visit with Becky – but do keep an eye on him and make sure he’s eating. Babies are tender beings. : )

  15. Loved that post Derrick, very enjoyable, seems you have a new addition to the garden and household, look forward to more adventures of Russell

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