Father And Daughter Time


Becky and I are enjoying what is the only extended period of time we have spent alone together in our lives. There is much joint reminiscing and exchange of information, especially concerning my past, that is really quite new.

At one point, I accompanied Scooby, who wandered up the Gazebo Path, into the garden.

Patio planting

Having paid particular attention to hanging baskets and other containers, Jackie had thoroughly watered the garden before leaving yesterday.

In today’s baking heat, some plants, particularly the pansies in the first of these images, displayed considerable signs of thirst, so I managed to distribute the contents of a can or two.

Russell crow was not in evidence today, but Becky did spot a mouse in the compost trug outside the kitchen door. She freed it into the flower bed.

This evening Becky produced a tasty, well-filled, Spanish omelette which we enjoyed on trays in front of the television while we watched the 2nd XI World Cup football match between England and Belgium which was so thrilling that I am typing this when there is still 25 minutes to go. I drank Doom Bar.


  1. Derrick, you give me such hope with this post. Mine has been a less than orderly path and though my daughters are, I think remarkably balanced and certainly make me proud every day, the fact is that, for the youngest particularly but also for the middle two, daddy-daughter uninterrupted for a decent pause time has been lacking. I don’t want to detail but I just feel so much better for seeing this post about something that I don’t ever talk about. There is always a tomorrow, until we know no more, yes? Scooby has a particularly fine bumbly bum and I am still on air after living through the England-Belgium match …. would ye credit it? Well maybe having less expectation suits the lads and the manager so please please please please pleeeeeeaaaaase British press, pipe down and just let them be ….. Happiest of happy Thursday nights to you and may Russell just be resting 😊

      1. One day I hope that you and I and Jackie and not forgetting Two Brains will be able to enjoy a glass and a discourse on life and it’s turns and I rather think we make find more than some common ground between us. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your time with Becky please do x

          1. He is very up for this idea. We just need to be in Blighty together at the same time or you need to be in New England together at the same time. All good things shall come to pass ….. x

          2. Sounds very reasonable to me and I will state that whether or not The Brains are available, if the opportunity affords I’ll be there like something rather more attractive than a rat up a drainpipe!
            Some things are too good to pass by …..

  2. Is that a little hint of Knightly sarcasm nipping into your final sentences? 🙂 I love the mother-daughter chats that can arise when there are whole days and no agenda in need of filling. And you know, we are girls and talk all the time any way ……. I’m sure Becky is loving the autobiographical reveals too. The aged P has had quite a life! xo

  3. I think you’re a bit spoilt Derrick, one bird flies the nest, and then you’ve another lovely one to look after you…

  4. Ah, good to see Becky looking well. Enjoy your time together.

    The baskets – starting high and dripping down onto the ground – photo is just amazing.

  5. An odd name, ‘Doom Bar’ when you’re watching your fav team. Don’t you have some ‘Happy Suds’? Is there such a thing? Who won?

    1. It wasn’t England – but then neither side wanted to win, which was why it was so boring, and why Doom Bar was so appropriate, Steve. 🙂 Thanks very much

      1. Soccer, or, your football, is gaining in popularity in the States but one of the obstacles to growing much faster is the lack of scoring. Too many ‘nil’ games in a country that’s used to high scoring games – basketball, American football, baseball, and in my case when unused to play it, golf 😂. But the kids are playing it much more than when I was a kid. Never saw it, then. Another game gaining popularity is LaCrosse, the National Game of Canada, incidentally. Have a great day!

  6. Every day i learn something new for your beautiful family and life!!!!

    Be happy among your members of your family !!!!!

    Send you all my love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Daddy and Daughter time can be so wonderful! I’m glad you and Becky are having a good time! Do share about your life with her…she will treasure that/those stories always!

    Maybe Russell Crow is off doing a movie. 😀 ?!?!
    Or out and about trying to find Jackie!!! 😮

    That omelette sounds delicious!
    HUGS for you and Becky!!! 🙂

  8. How wonderful that you and Becky are getting some father-daughter time! I hope you are both enjoying every minute.
    The flowers are beautiful–the ones under the basket seem to be floating in the air. 🙂

  9. I’m so glad you and Becky are enjoying this father-daughter time. Some of my best memories are of times I spent with my dad.

  10. I know it has not exactly been a treat to recover from knee surgery, but what a treat to spend time alone with your daughter. Also, love how she let the mouse go. Now, let us hope the crow has moved on to greener pastures so that Jackie can garden in peace when she comes back..

  11. Becky is such a lucky girl – not only cooking for the aged parent but getting to listen to his stories of his lengthy past. I note that the only shot of Scooby features him making a break for freedom. 🙂

    1. Thanks very much, Tabarka. She lives about an hour’s drive away. We have spent much time together over the years, but never such a length on our own

  12. Your hanging plants are delightful mate, something that evades my gardening skills, they tend to die quickly, think its our weather and potting, yours are a feast for my envious eyes.

  13. I will treasure forever the stories from my father and the time we spent together as he got older. I wish you many more father – daughter visits in the years ahead.

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