Talking Heads

I may have mentioned that my Canon 70-300mm lens became stuck just before Christmas, and I took it into Wessex Photographic in Ringwood for a quotation. This has come back. The cost is £70 more than a second-hand one the store had in stock. That being a no-brainer, Jackie drove me to replace my older second-hand model with a newer one.

Afterwards we brunched in Café Aroma, and, through their crystal clear plate glass window, I tried out this newly acquired piece of equipment, by photographing


One gentleman vaped outside the smokers’ shelter,

through the transparent sheet of which I photographed some talking heads.

Suitably sated, we continued into the forest where a light frost still lay in patches. Perhaps because we are so near the coast we haven’t yet experienced this.

At North Gorley a saturated area of turf wore white patches beside a pool covered in semi-melted ice. Reflections rested undisturbed on the otherwise limpid surface.

As the leisurely grazing sheep discovered on Cadnam Lane, frost lingered beside the hedges. Perhaps the equine droppings among the ovine diners had been left by

the string of stubby ponies following their relatively gigantic grey leader down the road. One forlorn little fellow just couldn’t keep up,

until its companions paused for refreshments.

A motley array of cuddly creatures clambered over a farm gate in an endeavour to escape the peacocks within.

On our way home we noticed that The Bell at Bank has a rather cheeky event coming up on 25th January

Jackie said she felt like another Christmas dinner today, so she produced roast chicken; Yorkshire pudding; roast potatoes and parsnips; moist bread sauce; firm sage and onion stuffing; and crunchy carrots and cauliflower. Becky drank Diet Coke, and I drank Famille Perrin Chateauneuf-du-Pape 2016. Ian wasn’t feeling well. Maybe he will eat later.


  1. I love the horses, but for some reason I can’t get enough of those little ponies!! Your camera is doing quite well by the samples you’re showing us!
    I used to eat parsnips raw when I was a kid. Please, What does Jackie do to hers?

  2. My daughters have just today (5.35 am Heathrow, taxi to SE London courtesy of dad) returned from a month long far east trip so tomorrow night looks like a second Christmas dinner for us too.

      1. You are the second person to say that. I must have messed up my settings. A couple of weeks ago I managed to post all the pictures twice on each post. I’ll investigate. Oh for a ‘reset all settings to default’ option.

      1. your meals always sound so delicious.. tempting.. wish I was still interested in flying…big grin….you one lucky young man!

  3. You can keep your talking heads; I’ll settle for the four legged friends every time!
    My dad made a great Yorkshire Pud, my mother couldn’t;
    Unfortunately I rtake after my mother when it comes to Yorkshire Pud! :'(

  4. That is a sharp lens you have got. But for your mention, it would have been difficult to realise you were shooting from behind a plate glass as there are only faintest of reflections in some of the images. Of particular interest is the duo peeping inside a store, which is amusing and a tad weird. The gentleman with his head in a whorl of smoke is also a great capture. I am confirmed of your particular affection with ponies –with their seer like disposition which is a mixture of patience, nonchalance and procrastination, they are hugely interesting creatures after all, and ones who would likely survive an all out world war that Trump and Putin keep threatening the planet with.

  5. Those pictures have a lovely clarity. As with others who have commented, that little, lone pony stole my heart. Hope Ian feels better soon. How awful to miss Jackie’s wonderful cooking.

  6. You know I love your pony photos! 🙂
    I hope the line of ponies eventually stopped so the last little fellow could catch up. 🙂
    All the human-beans looked bundled up to keep warm, but at least could get out and about. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…I can eat roast chicken any time. 🙂 I hope Ian is feeling better by now.

  7. You can add me to the long list of people who cannot get enough of your photo’s of the gorgeous ponies (and the donkeys also!). Lovely work, i especially like the reflection of the trees. 🙂

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