The Birthday Cake Candle

Jackie took an early morning walk around the garden with her camera. First she produced general frosted garden scenes; then focussed on various similarly coated leaves; not forgetting Camellia blooms; or Nugget in his thermal vest. “Where’s Nugget?” (62) Late this afternoon we drove to Elizabeth’s house at Pilley where we joined her, Danni, AndyContinue reading “The Birthday Cake Candle”

In The Rough

This morning we received an e-mail from our good blogging friend Lavinia Ross attaching a photograph of the cedar tree (Calocedrus decurrens) she has planted in remembrance of my son Michael. We are very touched by this. Jackie nipped out to photograph the evidence of last night’s sub-zero temperature. We have light frost on variousContinue reading “In The Rough”

The Equestrian Quartet

On another cold and bright morning we drove into the forest by way of Brockenhurst. From the Hinchelsea car park I photographed a somewhat misty moorland landscape. The winterbourne pool just outside the town had iced over, as had some of the terrain leading to further distant scenes. Rhinefield Road, where bracken provides burnished autumnContinue reading “The Equestrian Quartet”

Jackie Frost

Although it wasn’t to last long, we awoke to our first proper frost of the season Jackie photographed the panoramic views from the dressing room and from the garden bedroom upstairs. She then toured the garden and brought back this gallery of images. As usual titles are given on accessing the gallery with a clickContinue reading “Jackie Frost”

Talking Heads

I may have mentioned that my Canon 70-300mm lens became stuck just before Christmas, and I took it into Wessex Photographic in Ringwood for a quotation. This has come back. The cost is £70 more than a second-hand one the store had in stock. That being a no-brainer, Jackie drove me to replace my olderContinue reading “Talking Heads”

Sussing Possible Rentals

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN A CLUSTER TO ACCESS ENLARGED GALLERIES For much of the day, Jackie drove me and Flo around the forest, focussing on the location of a few flats she has found that might be suitable for her to rent. First on the itinerary was one over the antiques centre where ElizabethContinue reading “Sussing Possible Rentals”

Wishing All My Readers Happiness In Their Own Festive Season

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE TO ACCESS THE ENLARGED GALLERY Much of today was spent writing Christmas cards. It therefore seemed appropriate to present this selection from my archives, from which readers can choose their own with my best wishes. In order of appearance, the three Christmas cards were designed by me aged 16, 17, andContinue reading “Wishing All My Readers Happiness In Their Own Festive Season”

Ice Art

CLICK ON GROUPED IMAGES TO ACCESS ENLARGED GALLERIES. With most of the rest of the country under snow, our little micro-climate had none, and was just minus two degrees when Jackie drove me out to the forest this morning. Around Wootton and Wilverley Plain, the terrain and its pools felt freezing frosty fingers; frigid fernsContinue reading “Ice Art”

Potting Up

The usual division of labour was employed in further tidying of the garden this much duller morning. This afternoon while Jackie plundered the garden centres, I extracted some text from ‘She Saw The R100’ from ‘The Workhouse’ and from ‘And Then The Tableau Spoke’ for the next pages of ‘A Knight’s Tale’. These two photographs from the secondContinue reading “Potting Up”