Two For Joy

This afternoon we collected repeat prescriptions from the Pharmacy at Milford on Sea.

The Needles and their lighthouse had transmogrified into a red-eyed sea monster.

As equally calm as the Solent was the surface of Hatchet Pond with its skimming waterfowl and shimmering landscape.

While a photographer peered into the sun a friendly gull stood guard on a disabled parking space.

This was useful because the waters of the lake had encroached on the overspill car park, and partially iced over providing looking glasses for the surrounding trees.

A pair of magpies – two for joy – and a nippy little wagtail foraged on the banks.

One chestnut pony at East Boldre cropped the verge while another mowed the lawn beside a stretch of winterbourne water.

Today’s sign of post-operative progress was being able to dine at the table where Jackie served a sweetly savoury sausage casserole containing pork chipolatas and larger varieties with caramelised onion. Also on the menu was creamy swede and potato mash; crunchy carrots and cauliflower; and curly kale.


  1. When daughter no 2 was having a drum lesson in a community centre, I somehow ended up babysitting the tutor’s four year old.
    After exhausting other entertainments, I looked out of the window and saw a few Magpies on the cricket ground. Remembering the 70’s TV show I reeled off the the rhyme and got him to count with me.
    Then more of the birds arrived. Then more.
    Anyone know what 13 is for?

  2. I still cannot understand why The Needles are called The Needles; the samller one nearest the coast looks more like a motor yacht than a needle; the middle one looks to me like an Egyptian sarcophagus; (the right end looks like the toes turned up which adds to the illusion) and the 3rd one like a large country mansion, not exactly Pemberley but ….

    1. I think the sailors named them the ‘Needles’ because when you are approaching them at sea, you are looking at them edge on, they look more like needles, I love your descriptions of each one, tho’ I will probably still call them the Needles as it is quicker!

  3. Good to hear progress is being made – particularly with the dining! 😉 I love a creamy swede and potato mash. :-p

    On the other side of the world we have both magpies and Willie Wagtails, the latter delight me with frequent visits to my garden. Ours though are much like your magpie’s colouration – Jet black head and back/tail with a white breast and ‘eyebrows’. Yours are much more intricately attired! 🙂

    Our magpies are the size of a large crow with perhaps a tad more white markings and a beautiful warbling song (which can be often heard at almost any time of night in the breeding season).

  4. YAY for your recovery progress! 🙂
    I love your bird photos and your refection photos and your animal photos and…well… ALL of your photos! 🙂
    The pony and it’s refection is just so beautiful and sweet!
    We fixed chicken kebabs with chicken, 2 kinds of peppers, onions, 2 kinds of squash, etc. Then we fixed some green beans, too. YUMMY! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

      1. You’re welcome!
        I always enjoy hearing about your meal. And it gives me ideas of things to cook. Sometimes when I am fixing dinner I think, “I should tell Derrick and Jackie what I cooked tonight!” 😉 😀

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