Highland Games

Late this morning we visited Mum in Woodpeckers where she continues to thrive. This time she availed herself of the blanket provided. Afterwards we drove into the forest for a picnic in the car. The day was cooler and overcast. From the bridge on Rhinefield Road I obtained enough light to photograph reflections in theContinue reading “Highland Games”

Forest Fauna Forage

Before breakfast this morning Gay and Mick toured the garden, where the light played with the eucalyptus bark. Later Gay sent me some of her photographs. After breakfast we led our inlaws on a search for New Forest wandering animals. Donkeys at East End were out in force. The last of these images was sentContinue reading “Forest Fauna Forage”

“Welcome To The World Of Flies”

Now I am going to throw a spanner in the works of selection. I have just remembered ‘The Drift’, the second half of which post contains a number of pictures which must be included. It is such a unique New Forest event. I don’t wish to impose more work on my readers, but any commentsContinue reading ““Welcome To The World Of Flies””

The Pony And The Wagtail

This afternoon Jackie drove to Hockey’s Farm Shop at South Gorley. She kindly allowed me to accompany her so I could take some photographs. As always we patiently waited for a pony to amble across the road as we approached North Gorley, where a pair of mallards fished on the soggy terrain beside the usualContinue reading “The Pony And The Wagtail”

Two For Joy

This afternoon we collected repeat prescriptions from the Pharmacy at Milford on Sea. The Needles and their lighthouse had transmogrified into a red-eyed sea monster. As equally calm as the Solent was the surface of Hatchet Pond with its skimming waterfowl and shimmering landscape. While a photographer peered into the sun a friendly gull stoodContinue reading “Two For Joy”

Lymington Quay

On a wet, mild, morning, I inserted the penultimate section into the garden album, and printed the final batch of photographs. This afternoon Jackie drove us to Lymington quay and back. She left me to find Dials Antique Clocks, recommended yesterday by Highcliff Watchmakers, while she went in search of Peacocks and baby clothes. WeContinue reading “Lymington Quay”

Our Shrinking World

On a drowsy Sunday morning the birds were our main focus of attention. Wagtails are always on the lawns, but in recent days, attracted by the mealworms, they have ventured onto the feeder, much to the chagrin of the robins, who are quite vicious in their suggestion that this is their territory.  The visitors’ tail feathers areContinue reading “Our Shrinking World”

After The Deluge 1

A bright, crisp, frosty morning ushered in a respite from the deluge for the saturated forest. I walked the ford ampersand, the term coined on 17th.   The new lakes alongside our upper drive are beginning to merge into one.  Water still streamed down the hills into Minstead, creating candy floss foam as it descended into ditches. Continue reading “After The Deluge 1”

The Avon In Spate

There are nine very tall panels to our bay window where the dining table is situated.  This gives us a kind of treble tryptich view of the beautiful lawns and trees beyond.  Over lunch we watched a pied wagtail running around, it’s bobbing appendage providing evidence of the aptness of its name.  A robin wasContinue reading “The Avon In Spate”