Singing With The Flowers

Matthew, Tess, Poppy, and Becky travelled up to Redhill for a family gathering with Heidi, Emily, Oliver, Alice, Emily’s partner, Sam. This was physically and emotionally exhausting, yet supportive.

I have occasionally mentioned that I have given each of my children albums of their childhood photographs. They run to several large volumes. On our way home Becky produced what she considers her favourite ever photograph.

She and Michael were singing with the flowers in August 1971.


    1. My prayers are with you and your family, Becky.
      I’m so very sorry for your great loss.
      I have lost siblings, too, so I understand grief. So tough. So sad. πŸ™

  1. What a wonderful experience for them. You can see the affection in his face, and the absolute sense of security in hers. I’d treasure the memory and the photo as well.

  2. Speak of me as you have always done.
    Remember the good times, laughter, and fun.

    Share the happy memories we’ve made.
    Do not let them wither or fade….

    Anthony Dowson

    Send you all my love Derrick!!

  3. Oh my goodness Derrick I just love this photograph – how absolutely sweet. I love how you’ve given to your children photo’s of their childhood. My Mother had done the same for me, today I share the photographs with her when we are on skype each Thursday (the nursing home sets her up and helps us communicate. These days, she’ll sometimes remember the people in the image and sometimes not (she thought I was Audrey in one photograph – I haven’t a clue who Audrey is, but we enjoyed it anyways). Which is okay by me – we still enjoy the pictures and our time we have together. So good that your family is close by and you all have each other to support one another, especially you Derrick as you go through this time.

    1. Very many thanks, Mary. Photographs are such an important aide memoir, and I am now grateful that I recognised that early on. Your reminiscing with your mother is priceless.

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