Gracing The Back Drive

The weather today was overcast and cold, but mostly dry. A wander round the garden seemed to be in order.

The upstairs windows gave me a new perspective in which the rescued red Japanese maple gapes in awe across and above to the majestic copper beech; I could look down on the gazebo clematis; and in the Palm Bed the cordeline Australis bears buds.

The close-up of the maple began my lower level selection.

The red climbing rose, Paul’s scarlet, will soon be joining the wisteria beneath our bathroom window.

This hawthorn graces the back drive,

as do blue-tipped irises.

Ferns are unfurling as I write.

Enlarging this image of the Brick Path will enhance the West Bed with its lamiums, dicentras, and much more.

More aquilegias and a pieris on the grass patch are bursting into life; while an oak-leaved pelargonium with its scented foliage has survived the winter beneath the gazebo.

I have refrained from mentioning that last Friday evening we ran out of fuel oil. This was not a good week to be without heating. Today a new supply was delivered. This evening the excellent Ronan, of Tom Sutton Heating, reset the boiler.

We dined on Jackie’s spicy pasta arrabbiata with which she drank Hoegaarden and I finished the Pinot Noir.


  1. Oh I would love to have this exact garden – but I will just savor it via your posts!
    I almost brought home a Japanese maple the other day – had a sale at the nursery but just not sure where I’d put it and not in the mood to add anything these last couple years –
    Glad the oil is all set now

  2. Such a beautiful red Japanese maple.
    And so pleased you will now have heating, as the temperatures are supposed to drop this weekend…. Not like May at all ?

  3. The garden is looking beautiful Derrick. So your heating runs on oil too, we have have run out on several occasions but usually in the midst of winter and it can get pretty cold up here in Yorkshire.

    The gas line doesnโ€™t come up as far as our place mores the pity or we would swapped a long time ago!

      1. Yes Septic tank here too! Most people cringe and say โ€œWhat! Really?โ€ But we donโ€™t notice the difference do we, well, as long as we get it emptied regularly!

    1. I’m there with the both of you. Septic and an oil tank. We also have a well. When the electricity goes out we have no running water. Country living!

  4. It is such a pleasure to visit your garden. Thank you for all the work you both do to nourish my winter weary eyes.

  5. Such a gorgeous garden you have — and now, such a cozy home. I have all-electric heating and cooling. It rarely goes out, but when it does it’s usually in the summer, which is distinctly unpleasant. I’m glad you’re all set now.

    I’m quite fond of wisteria, and once found a white variety growing wild in Mississippi. It was magical, especially when seen against the blue sky.

  6. Your Japanese maples are gorgeous. I’ve always had them in my yard up until the past 17 years in Mexico. I’m guessing they need colder winters than we have here.

  7. I just never get enough of your virtual tours and that brick path and its surroundings is stunning. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thank you to you, and Jackie, for sharing your garden with us! Beautiful! Those irises get me all teary-eyed…they are so beautiful and remind me of my dad….he grew stunning irises in so many colors.

  9. Splendid, Derrick. You and the Head Gardener deserve applause!
    Do you think wisteria would grow in our heat here?

  10. The Copper Beech and the Red Japanese Maple are awesome – dare i say Rust-ic? (I dares!)
    Love your Lilac Wisteria and Blue Iris too. We have a White Wisteria gracing our large pergola, but it will not flower for another 4 months down here.

    Stay Warm!

  11. What kind of tree is the one in the photo third from the top (not sure where it would be on a webpage but there are yellow flowers in the background and the tree looks like a yukka)?

    1. It is a cordeline Australis. You may need to enlarge the picture to see the spray of buds at top right. They will produce powerfully sweet scented blooms

  12. I really missed your beautiful photography Derrick. So glad to be back and seeing the beautiful flowers and trees. It is really gorgeous!

      1. Most welcome and thank you Derrick. I am glad to be back writing and reading a bit. Will do more of it after my exam

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