Gracing The Back Drive

The weather today was overcast and cold, but mostly dry. A wander round the garden seemed to be in order. The upstairs windows gave me a new perspective in which the rescued red Japanese maple gapes in awe across and above to the majestic copper beech; I could look down on the gazebo clematis; andContinue reading “Gracing The Back Drive”

A Surprise To Come

Beginning with the cherry trees at the front, I focussed on the garden this morning. A crafty sparrow uses this holly tree as a diversionary tactic en route to its nest around the corner. Despite the efforts of cumbersome pigeons and pelting hailstones, the pale pink winter flowering example has bloomed constantly since September; aContinue reading “A Surprise To Come”

Behind The Nottingham Castle Bench

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED After a day in our mother’s garden, I wandered around ours. Lamiums rise from the Dragon Bed, where the first of our rhododendrons is in full boom. Another of these rich red shrubs, in Margery’s Bed, can be seen on the grass patch side, beyond the pierisContinue reading “Behind The Nottingham Castle Bench”