The sun today made fleeting, peeping, appearances in the garden.

These elegant, slender, gladioli are proliferating outside the kitchen door;

as does clematis Marie Boisselot in-urned in the Kitchen Bed alongside a deep red peony,

single petalled examples of which stand in the Dragon Bed.

Other clematises include Niobe on the corner of the kitchen wall, and on the wisteria arbour,

also home to Paul’s Scarlet;

and flamboyant Doctor Ruppel climbing the arch spanning the Brick Path beside the West Bed.

Delicate pink rose Penny Lane shares the arch.

One view from the Kitchen Bed leads to the distant entrance to

the Rose Garden, where

Festive Jewel, For Your Eyes Only, Love Knot, and Gloriana are among the parade.

Splendid Fireworks alliums burst forth in the Weeping Birch Bed,

while gentler pink stars mingle with Erigeron and euphorbia in the Kitchen Bed.

From the Weeping Birch Bed we are led through the Cryptomeria Bed to the eastern fence.

Pink campion and a bright red rhododendron stand sentinel on the south west and south eastern corners of the grass patch.

The red rhododendron emblazons these views down the Gazebo Path.

Elizabeth popped in this afternoon for a cup of tea.

This evening Jackie and I dined on pork spare rib chops on a bed of her mushroom rice fried in sesame oil. Mrs Knight drank Hoegaarden and I drank The Long Way Round Reserve Carmenere 2018.


  1. Oh my–so many beautiful flowers in your garden. I can’t even pick a favorite! They all light up your garden like fireworks, whether you go the short way or the long way round it. 😉

  2. enjoyed the garden delight…
    the alliums bursting are very cool – and your glads make me miss mine (this is the first year without any – we cleared this area – but might have them again in years to come –
    just bought 16 roots of liatris – and look forward to seeing how they do

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I have red rhododendrons too but they haven’t flowered yet this year. I have seen them out a little lower down but not up here yet. We’re still having a few night frosts too

  4. Your garden is inspirational. If I wanted a busy day then I would show your post to Kim but she would then surely have me down to the garden centre followed by an afternoon of hard labour!

  5. OOH! AAH! Your garden has such bright pops of color…worthy of cheers and celebration!
    Thank you for sharing with us, Derrick!
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…the Poblano pepper recipe turned out delicious! I will make some minor changes to it before fixing it again…hope to make it even better!

  6. Such an abundance of blooms! You must be spoiled for choice of which to shoot first with your camera! 🙂

    The clematis are wonderful and the roses are beautiful. The wisteria and Japanese maple are delights…. it seems endless! 🙂

    Compliments to you for the shots and Jackie for most of the hard work! 😉

  7. This was exactly what I was hoping for when I opened your post. What a perfect stroll through the garden this Sunday morning. The fruits of Jackie and your labor is on display like no other. A stunning visual of color, textures and variety. Love it derrick. Hello to Jackie!

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