Round The Bend

This morning Dale from Crestwood visited and measured up for the new flooring in the sitting room. This friendly, personable, gentleman received knee replacements shortly before me and is back to carpet fitting, which is encouraging. When we discussed dates and I mentioned that we were very flexible, a snort-guffaw ensued from Ian.

Mr and Mrs Steele returned home to Emsworth after lunch when I continued grappling with

retouching this further image from the 1926 Conwy holiday of my mother, her parents, and siblings. Here Uncle Roy determinedly clings to a toy train; Uncle Ben clutches a boat; and I am not sure what Mum is holding. Grandma photobombs from behind her daughter. Elasticated socks don’t seem to have been invented then.

This badly scratched and spotted single image represents two hours work. I didn’t fancy tackling another today.

Jackie had spent much of this hot and humid day watering plants in containers. Later I took over on the final stint.

Early this evening we took a drive into the forest, buying fish and chips from Mr Pink’s on the way home. We ate these with pickled onions and, in my case Calvet Cru du Beaujolais 2016 to drink, before I uploaded the photographs and finished the post.

Ponies largely grazed in the shade alongside Pilley Street.

Ponies at East End surrounded vehicles outside a row of houses.

Further along the road quite big calves tried to latch on to their mother’s udders whilst on the move. The cattle seemed oblivious to the flies crawling over their faces.

Vociferous crows ran about seeking pickings.

How on earth this pony guarding over her foal can tolerate her dreadful flies is beyond me.

On the road from Beaulieu to Brockenhurst a bunch of cattle blocked the road. As Jackie steered us round the black calf in the centre, the creature paused for a scratch.

Rounding a couple of bends we stopped and waited for the arrival of this moving herd.

Soon they came into view, rounded the bend, and continued down the hill.


  1. Thought about you and Jackie as I was in the garden boutique. I bought food for the roses and plants and hopefully, they will flourish as yours does.
    I wish I could hose the garden but I too, use the containers. Loonnnnggg job, walking back and forth. ?

    1. Many thanks, Kavitha. Your plants should respond well to the feeding – that is what we do. We do use a hose, but most of the containers are beyond reach.

  2. I love the way you have wild life wandering about. We do too but only in the Nicois hinterland.

  3. You’re really doing well with those photos, Derrick — but I know what you mean about them requiring a good bit of time and concentration. As for the flies, I ran into a patch of some unknown biting fly on Sunday, while I was at the refuge. What’s odd is that I find the same flies in the same, rather limited, area every year — and they’re nowhere else. One of those mysteries that’s going to have to remain unsolved, because I’m not staying around the flies long enough to study them!

    1. πŸ™‚ Thank you very much, Linda. When we first came here we had lots of mosquitos. Now the stagnant water has been removed from a previously empty house next door, we don’t have them

  4. The carpet fitter has obviously made a perfect recovery. Amazing to be back at work already. Great photos of the animals. The thought of flies crawling on my face makes me shudder. ?

  5. I laughed at the flexible comment too mane have not had Beaujolais in long while – they have a special November release every year at Trader Joe’s and maybe I will get some β€˜β€˜tis year…
    The photo is shaping up and laughed to see photobombing is not a new idea! And love the socks and all
    The clothes and shoes

  6. Another hazardous but clearly profitable day on those New Forest roads of years. Love the effort and time spent on that old photograph. I’ve done that myself on occasion and found the time spent extremely enjoyable.

  7. I’m quite surprised i am the first one to make the observation that those flies around the eyes would drive Me ’round the bend. πŸ™‚

    Love the photos as usual!

  8. I imagine you both chuckling over your flexible comment. A friend of ours who we’ve known since college had both of his knees done yesterday. He was up taking steps a few hours after.
    That beach photo is wonderful. You’ve done a great job. As always, I enjoy seeing the animals that wander round your bends. πŸ™‚

  9. And around the bend they come! Poor creatures, having to deal with those flies. In the picture of your mother and her siblings, everyone else seems to be bundled up. A chilly day? I wonder if your mother and her brothers were cold as they posed for the picture.

  10. I like the lighting in the first photo of cows in the road.

    Re the family beach photo, it tickled me to see people sitting on the sand in overcoats. Is this because it was chilly or because of modesty?

  11. Glad Dale is healed, doing well, and able to work again!
    Flexibility is a good goal for all of us! πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ I get down on the floor great, but sometimes have to have help back up! HA! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

    Hope all the human-beans AND other beautiful creatures there are staying safe in the hot and humid weather. UGH on the animals having to endure the flies.

    Love the photo of your Mum and her brothers…each holding a favorite toy perhaps. You Mum might be holding a stuffed animal or doll. πŸ™‚ Yes, in those days the socks could droop.

    HUGS to you and Jackie!!! πŸ™‚

  12. A beautiful posting of words, pictures and food. Are your fish & chips greasy? Beer battered? Send a picture of those chips, I’m curious.

      1. Fish fry dinners are a huge attraction here, beer battered or deep fried, although I believe the latter is not nearly as popular.

  13. Thanks for all your hard work Derrick. A monumental task, scanning those old photographs. But what a treat for us visitors. Summertime usually finds the horses standing head to tail with another so they can shoo the flies away.

  14. The grey pony is identical to the one my sister and I learned to ride on. We were never told why our father called her ‘Margot’. We let our naughty little minds loose but never said anything.

  15. If that photo was badly scratched, you have really outdone yourself on it, Derrick; there is not a trace left of any damage.
    The close-ups of ponies are marvelous, and of course, all animal babies are adorable, even the older ones who still want to nurse.

  16. Driving must be quite leisurely in your country what with a herd of cattle and ponies just milling about. How refreshing and wonderful. Here, everyone drives like a house-on-fire. I love that the livestock are free range, so to speak. As in, not stuck in a coral. It’s pretty interesting to me that some folks are so bundled up in your photo, while your family seems to be in summer fashions. Did they live somewhere’s cooler? It’s like when Canadians go anywhere warm during our winter months. If the weather is iffy there, the locals are wearing parka’s and we’re in swim suites, LOL. Because it might be – 30 C at home and so, 20 C seems warm πŸ˜€ Cheers! xK

    1. Thanks very much, Kelly. We think it most likely that it was about being seen in your Sunday best. We never get to -30 over here, but 20 certainly normally seems warm enough.

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