Alice’s Choppers

I drafted this post yesterday in preparation for a tutorial session with a WordPress Happiness Engineer.

This involves more scans of prints from the Isle of Wight holiday photographed on film in August 1980.

I have not noted the exact location of any of these images. Here is a cormorant on a wreck, seemingly claiming to be cock of walk in the second photograph.

Here Alice proudly displays her nice new choppers.

Oliver and Jessica joined others in a horse and cart ride.

This was the first Meadow Brown (I think) butterfly that I photographed.

I didn’t receive a phone call from Mr Happy. I got an invitation by e-mail to a chat session on Zoom. I couldn’t make it work. I spent 15 minutes looking at my own image on screen. I do hope no-one heard my ejaculations.

51 thoughts on “Alice’s Choppers

  1. I wondered what your title would refer to. I thought some sort of helicopter activity, but the photo of Alice is much nicer. 🙂
    Happiness Engineer is such a ridiculous title, and I’m sorry you had such a frustrating time.

  2. Great pics Derrick, appears there are quite a few wrecks around the Isle of Wight, probably from the war years I surmise, love the smile on little Alice’s face, adorable.

  3. I’ve never heard of a Happiness Engineer. Sounds positive. Hope it is at some point. 🙂
    Alice’s choppers are lovely and her smile beautiful! 🙂
    Love the cart and horse and riders! The water shots! And the gentle beautiful butterfly! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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