Becky’s Turn

This morning, Becky took a turn at enjoying Ellie. Afterwards she drove the young family to a check up appointment at which all was pronounce well. Meanwhile Jackie and I took a forest drive, mostly focussed on Ober Water, beside which a fallen tree made its contribution to the ecology, and a Dalmatian called PringleContinue reading “Becky’s Turn”

Alice’s Choppers

I drafted this post yesterday in preparation for a tutorial session with a WordPress Happiness Engineer. This involves more scans of prints from the Isle of Wight holiday photographed on film in August 1980. I have not noted the exact location of any of these images. Here is a cormorant on a wreck, seemingly claimingContinue reading “Alice’s Choppers”

Can You Identify Lord Byron?

Yesterday evening I finished reading Is there such a thing as a Gothic Comic novella? If so, this is one. It is a rollicking prose gambol, lightheartedly satirising the writer’s contemporaries. There are numerous references to the works of his friends and acquaintances. Peacock loved playing with words, using some in a ridiculously pompous way,Continue reading “Can You Identify Lord Byron?”

Chickens And A Calf

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN THE GROUP TO ACCESS ENLARGED GALLERY Last night Flo transferred several photographs from her mobile phone to my iMac. On 28th December I had photographed our granddaughter photographing chickens at Hockey’s Farm. These were her images. Yesterday evening we had enjoyed fortune cookies given to Jackie by Mr Chan atContinue reading “Chickens And A Calf”

The Patience Of A Dog

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. THOSE IN GROUPS ACCESS GALLERIES THAT CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE. I needed a trip to the bank in New Milton today. As it was a fine frosty morning we took a drive in the forest first and moved on to Friar’s Cliff for big breakfast brunches in the eponymous cafĂ©.Continue reading “The Patience Of A Dog”