Kites In The Harbour

I watched recordings of World Cup rugby matches, last night between Fiji and Uruguay; today between Italy and Canada, and between England and USA.

Early this evening Jackie drove us to Mudeford and back.

The oyster shells arranged around a beech tree in The Oaks on Lymington Road, Highcliffe revealed themselves to be a ring of fascinating tree fungus.

Beneath louring skies,

aboard choppy waves spray-soaked,

wet-suited, windsurfers strutted their stuff, while

kite surfers preferred the more sheltered harbour.

A lone little egret picked its way along the shallows.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s deliciously authentic tender lamb jalfrezi and savoury rice garnished with fresh coriander with which she drank Hoegaarden and I finished the Saint-Chinian.

I am copying and resubmitting this post because some people never received it and others could not enlarge pictures. (27th September)


  1. Love the egret paddling and the louring skies, but i too am unable to enlarge any image, sadly.

    Usually your pics are placed in a ‘carousel’ when you put 2 or more on the same ‘line’/group which is what allows us to ‘open’ them. All images here have been set to a fixed width of 584 pixels for some reason (probably not of your specific doing) and they do not appear to be in the usual carousel format.

    Hope that helps? πŸ™‚

  2. I got both posts, Derrick. I love these photos of your shores, having grown up near the Atlantic on this side of the pond. I am further away from the sea here, and it is the Pacific Ocean now, but it also has a wild beauty to it I will always treasure.

  3. I made this comment the first time around but now I can’t find it!

    Have you contacted WordPress?
    If you are using the desktop App you could try uninstalling and re-installing. If that fails to fix the problem, revert to the Classic and if that also fails call for a little ‘Happiness’ support!

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